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Ch. Meisterhaus Make Me a Star ~ "Cody"
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Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now ~ "Morgan"

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Hello I'm Becky! I am a registered vet tech from OH and have been owned by basenjis since 2003.

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Welcome! My Elliot is also by Puzzle :).

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Basenjis in the USA are typically born from October-January so it might be hard to find one this time of year.
I do see posts pop up on facebook from breeders with available retired show dogs but not everyday. Most quality breeders know each other to some extent and will happily refer puppy buyers to one another. The only breeder I personally know from TX is Signet Kennels. Brenda has very nice dogs and I have seen her post adults from time to time.

You will have to be patient! It's going to take time to find the right dog. I personally would find a breeder I like (good communication, healthy dogs, good reputation, etc) and get on their waiting list. My breeder has a waiting list for retired dogs as well as puppies so I'm sure others do as well.

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That looks like hyper-pigmentation. Skin pigment can change a lot with age. Some get really spotty, some get darkening, some noses get more pink, etc. Doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong!

There is a medical condition that has to do with circulation (my friend's beagle mix has it) and causes the ear tips to darken and sometimes get crusty/scaly. There is really that effective nothing you can do for it. She took him to a dermatologist and ran every test she could think of and now just manages it topically when it flairs up.

If he were my dog I'd have the vet check it out just to be safe but I really doubt they can do much.

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When my dogs were young they'd back away from their collars or scratch at them because they were new and scary. I don't keep collars on my dogs in the house because they play roughly and I don't want any accidents. When they DO see their collars it means walk time and they get so excited they shove their heads though on their own. When it's associated with something positive they quickly learn to love their collars!

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A dog can have a UTI and not have small amounts of urine frequently. The symptoms don't always line up perfectly. I've seen dogs with zero symptoms have infections on routine urinalysis. (I'm a vet tech) It is possible he's becoming incontinent. It's more common in females but it's not unheard of in males and it usually happens when they are older and they often leak in a bed or crate because they don't know they are doing it. It is worth it do get a full blood panel done on him due to his age. He might have the start of kidney issues that you can catch early and treat.

BUT because it only happened a few times it could just be behavioral, situational (just drank too much, etc) or due to old age. "Eh, I don't care I'll just go here cause I can".

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Chris is a great breeder and a really nice person! Congrats on your new baby!

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I 100% see aussie cattle dog but not basenji :/. ACD have a reputation for having harsh temperaments. They were bred to work and when they don't have a job they can be known to act out. I have met a LOT of skittish ones and with his unknown background I'm not surprised. The most well adjusted ACDs I know have a job and/or compete in doggy sports/obedience. They are crazy smart and their brain needs something to do!

That being said, I'm so glad you aren't giving up on him. I love the phrase "a good dog in progress". As long as he's not a danger to your family (including your other dogs!) the behaviors you are describing should be fixable or controllable. You might need the help of a professional trainer though. They can often come to your house and asses the situation and help you learn how to train him. It's risky to go it alone when you have a dog with so many issues. He could become worse or injure you if you misread his signals.

I am NOT a dog trainer or a behaviorist though! I work for a vet and have learned a thing or two over the years. I am ALWAYS willing to tell a client when I'm not sure how to help with a behavior issues and recommend a local professional that can help them.

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I use the one from Natures Farmacy (yes it's spelled like that!). It last me a long time even with daily use. It comes in a powder and even my picky dog likes it. I pick it up at dog shows but you can also order online.

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With the exception of my perfect Elliot, all of my basenjis have been hard to house train. You think they have it and then you find poo on the couch x__x.

Let them out frequently and consistently and they will get it. If he plays hard take him out right away! Morgan would play with Elliot, stop to pee on the carpet and then go right back to playing. Little twerp! Also important to remember that outside potty time is for potty only. Puppies will go out to play, forget to go because they are having fun and then come in and go.