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Ch. Meisterhaus Make Me a Star ~ "Cody"
11/28/02 - 10/13/12
Ch. Meisterhaus Sweet Sensation ~ "Elliot"
10/28/12 -
Ch. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now ~ "Morgan"

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Hello I'm Becky! I am a registered vet tech from OH and have been owned by basenjis since 2003. I show my dogs but I am not a breeder.

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At the last show I was at there days with no reds and when there were reds they were outnumbered but the other colors. I agree.. there will always be "Red or dead" judges. My brindle boy placed under one of them and I nearly fell over!

I 100% support breeders breeding for the colors they like but can't support people breeding based on color alone. You are right, there are FAR more important things than color!

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I don't have much to add to help the search other than to echo Pat's advice. A retired show dog might be a great fit for you! I'd contact a few breeders to see what they have. Also, a lot of breeders are friends and will refer people! I see my basenji breeder friends help each other place dogs all the time. I do not know how much a breeder would charge for a retired dog as I've only purchased show prospect puppies.

It's a HUGE red flag for a breeder to charge based on color! That is something BYB and millers do. "Rare color! I can make more $$$". They aren't rare, they aren't exotic- they are just different! If someone charges differently based on color, RUN! Also, ALL color comes from DNA.

I've owned 3 basenjis: 2 reds and a brindle, all 3 male. Each dog is a unique individual. Morgan my brindle has better recall than either of my reds and Elliot my current red knows more tricks and is the most willing to please. I have been told it's harder to finish a brindle than the other colors which I found to be true, many judges will put up the flashy tri or red over the others. BUT.. that doesn't apply here since the OP is looking for a companion. I have heard breeders say that tris have different personalities but I don't intend to own a tri and can't comment.

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Yes email her! She usually gets back to me that day.

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Jan Kahl of Jadaka Basenjis is in MO. I have a dog from her :).

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Thank you! also.. looks like the picture is working today? ahaha

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My boy Morgan had a great weekend at the Cleveland Crown Classic shows! He went BOB all 4 days and finally finished his championship. He is now Ch. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now! I can't wait to start working on his grand! (he already has a 5pt major!)

The picture won't post :/

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I know of two great basenji breeders in Canada - Chris Frost of Bushwacker and Sam Fortin of Ango Angari. Not sure how close they are to you but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a puppy from either of them!

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As other's have said, she is too young to be bred and you should be talking to your breeder. If they had intended for your girl to be bred they will help you choose the right male for her.

I don't personally believe that a dog MUST be a conformation champion to be bred but they must go thought the proper health testing and have something to offer the future of the breed. Not trying to put words in your mouth because you haven't stated your reasons for breeding, but if it's simply to make more basenjis ("just pets" "I want to make money" "it looks like fun" etc) than I urge you to reconsider!

Good luck to you!

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Where are you located? I have several breeders to recommend in the midwest! In the meantime, checking the BCOA list as Tanza suggested is a good place to start. Be warned though, puppies are being born this time of the year and many breeders have waiting lists!