Introducing 'ono' the basenji!

  • Hello forum friends! We have recently welcomed our second basenji to our home! I would like you to meet 'ono' our new baby girl!

    My 14 month old b, 'dude' ran right up to and started piling his toys up in front of her wanting to share the moment she came home… I am so glad that he is as enamored with her as we are 🙂

  • I love that sweet little "innocent" baby face!!

  • Ono is gorgeous, what an appropriate name for a B 😉
    It's great that Dude is being so kind to his little sister.

  • She's so pretty! It's great to see that Dude is so kind to her 🙂

  • She is very pretty. Sounds like Dude has been waiting for a friend to play with and now he has found her! Cute.

  • She is cute little black girl :).
    Btw "ono" means "it" in Czech.

  • What a great combination!!!

    She looks very handsome…. (Can't wait to show your pict to my mom, she LOVES black Basenji's)

  • She is darling! And Dude is a gentleman, I predict a long and happy bond between them!

  • What a cutie… how old is the puppy?

  • Lovely, did you get your pup the same breeder you got your r/w?
    Thanks for the photos..they are wonderful.

  • Ono was born 12-14-2009 in the sunny paradise of Oahu, Hawaii… In the pictures she is 10 weeks old.

    Ono was bred by Kathy Britton of Khani's Basenjis and John Gaidos of Teazer Basenjis, she is 'gwen' Khani's Teazer Hollaback Girl out of 'Motumbo' and 'Smooches' (Am Ch Grandquest Kazor's Motumbo Xequemate x Am Ch Teazer's American Idol)

  • Just love the kind interaction of the two of them. I think you have a lovely little family there!

  • Houston

    Beutiful little Ono..and Dude is handsome as all get out..
    I love the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your joys..

  • Kathy has some lovely b's…your lucky to own one.

  • Thank you all for the kind words 🙂

    Having 2 has been SO much fun!

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Ono is gorgeous, what an appropriate name for a B 😉

    what does that name mean?

  • @pacificNWbasenji:

    Hey I have the same dog bed! Yay for Costco!

  • Ono is a Hawaiian word, used to describe something that is 'the best'
    AND happens to be very basenji appropriate 🙂

    We hesitated naming her something that so strongly resembled 'no' but we don't use 'no' very much in our training, we say 'hey' to get their attention and then give them another cue to follow when we are redirecting their behaviour.

    The pups love the huge costco bed, and I love the great cedar smell 🙂

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