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Great Suggestion IMBJ. I did that and found a Melinda Ebel at IL southern University which is 7 miles from DeSoto. Fingers crossed it is hers or she knows something about it.

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Here is some more info….Please contact BRAT if you have any info and they can get you in touch with the woman who is housing her.

Hi to all -

I was contacted this evening by a groomer named Laura, who lives just outside of Cleveland, OH. A Basenji wandered into her neighborhood late last week and she and her husband managed to coral her. She is microchipped. Originally, this FOURTEEN year old gal (does not look or act her age!) hails from DeSoto, IL. Her original owner was Melinda (from the vet who put in the chip). Melinda's contact info with her vet and the chip mfgr. and no longer current and a personal records check shows she has moved from the DeSoto area - but we do know Melinda owned at least THREE other Basenjis. We do not know if Effy has been rehomed, was lost in transit or on vacation, etc.

I've given Laura contact info for breeders in the DeSoto, IL area and also for rescue (both in OH, and nationally). Effy is (per Laura) sweet, biddable, good in the car, but has some separation anxiety. When found she was sporting a relatively new collar of a distinctive color (albeit slightly ill-fitting). Effy has several readily identifiable traits that make her pretty easy to identify. She is not thin and does not look like she's been "on the street" for any significant period of time. Laura has contacted all area vets and shelters - so far, no leads or contacts.

If you have information about Effy's original owner, or ANY information that might lead to reuniting Effy with her owner - please contact me at my email address. It would be nice to put this old, somewhat disoriented 14 yr. old girl back where she belongs! Laura can keep her until the end of May - but her family has a trip planned ot AZ at that time, and one of her own four dogs does not like Effy... So Effy needs to go "somewhere" on or before June 1, 2010.

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Sorry to hear about Gizmo, my thoughts are with you. We had to decrease our park visits because Dash was posturing a little too much. We still hit the small dog section, so he is not as defensive.

That owner should not be allowwed to use the dog park. If you know your dog would "kill" another dog. what are you thinking. What an ass.

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Hi kdubs518, I am the DC for OH. I didn't see your volunteer info but welcome. I most likely missed it. Did anyone contact you? We actually have quite a bit around OH.


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I emailed with the owner. Someone is going to come and see the pup tonight. I gave my info if they have any questions. Otherwise, I will pick it up.

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This post was here yesterday. I tried to email but it was not working. I will try again today. BRAT is aware.

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i got the same response from Nivea. I am impressed I got a message that didn't seem canned. I may buy Nivea now. What do they sell?

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I agree with you on this one. I think this has gone too far. I sent messages to the below advertisers. thanks for posting this.

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BRAT will not turn any dog away for lack of breeder info. We are more concerned with what his temperment is. Here is a link to rehome your B. We will not pay for him though. If you are interested in finding a home, and the breeder will not take him back, then please consider surrendering him to BRAT. we do our best to find the best home for every B.

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This is difficult. I guess I have learned to watch posturing and reaction from the 2 involved. I rarely get involved. If one would scream, I tend to watch more closely for the other's reaction. If he backs off, ok just play. If not, and he actually becomes more aggressive, then I would step in. However, 2 dogs really fighting is very hard to break up. They shut out everything. When Dash and Ansel, now Hansel, when at it, my husband had to pick up both dogs and pull them apart. He still has the scars.

The cool down period is a good idea.

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