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My Abby does that, when she is ready to blow her coat she turns kind of brown on the sides but the hair on her back that she stands up when freaked out stays black all the time.

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Both Abby and Cooper love my cat, love to chase him. He's pretty smart though he's know how to get away from them. We have our formal dining room blocked off with baby gates so he can go in there and eat and not be bothered by the dogs. Plus apparently Cooper looooooves cat food. Then again Cooper loves all food.

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Where I live it is also required not only by the state but also the county. We give three year, Abby always gets a lump but it goes away after a couple days. When I got Cooper his was done in Ohio and it was only for a year. I don't know if that was because that's how they do it or because he was only 8 months old. However it is not the law for cats to have it, and my vet didn't even do rabies for my cat until I started letting him outside. He said if the cat is an inside only cat there was no point to vaccinate him.

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Thanks Jennifer for all the info! just for the record he is a lovely young boy and he is very happy here with his new sisters. I keep in contact with his former owner and send her pics of him to let her know how he is doing. I understand that it is very difficult to have to give up your dog, I can't even imagine having to give up one of mine, so I choose to keep her up to date with Cooper! He is getting along really well here, I am however working on some potty issues but he's doing better at that too.

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They all have that innocent look, but we know better! She is very beautiful!

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looked him up on ZandesBasenjis his dad is registered but his mom is not or at least not on there or can't find any info on her. He is a very beautiful dog his fur is shiney and smooth and he has very good temperment. As soon as the full adoption goes thru I will get him tested for fanconi. Right now I am just trying to get him used to Abby, she is such a brat and that is being nice! 🙂

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NerdyDogOwner-I only know so much about him his previous owner stated that she could not take care of him due to lack of time and funds. He was born 12/20/2008 came from a breeder in Texas. Dash probably knows more than I do! I was about to look him up and see if I can find out more about him!

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Abby blew her coat last month and has already grown her winter fur! It's only august and we live in IL so it's not cold here. But I did notice that she is not black anymore on her sides it's kind of a brownish black. Her fur is very thick and long up around her neck! She has never changed color before but it is all of her soft undercoat that is a different color.

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As I have stated recently in some of my posts I just got a new rescue puppy from BRAT! His name is Cooper. We drove to Ohio to pick him up about a week and a half ago and I just thought that I would post some pics of him so everyone can see my new sweet boy! Some of the pics on here are of Cooper when he was a baby that the previous owner had sent to me.

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I'm not sure about Abby but Cooper is def hamburgler as he tried to steal my BBQ pork sandwich lastnight right off my plate!

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