• Here is a link to view our gang and some of the Basenjis we have placed in their forever homes. We also rescue Shiba Inu. They act just like a Basenji. Just with a lot more hair, lol. Basenjis are my passion. But, the Shiba Inus can be fun dogs also. The Shiba like to play more. It was strange having barking in the house again.


    Link to our rescue site:


  • Say hi to Keath from Danielle at Haus Annandael Basenjis! 🙂 I'm glad you got on the forum!

  • Hi Danielle,
    I will tell him you said hi. Your B's are so beautiful. I have only seen one black and white Basenji. Kenya is in Ohio with Judy our adviser for the rescue.
    Are they more rare then the tricolor or red and white? Take care.

  • lillysmom1- we had contacted Keath a few months ago about fostering but never heard a response. Glad to know all is well. Beautiful dogs on that site, as well as your own. We are in Columbus OH but always willing to help if needed.

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