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We just got back from 5 days in Maui. Had to put our Laika in a kennel which we found after a long search. It was not easy to leave her there, she did ok we think. But was so glad to see us. We really hated to do this as we adopted her from a kennel 6 month ago. All our travel will now be by car only so we can take her. My husband had to pat everydog he saw in Maui. She is his baby.

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Thank you, Char, for your reply. Except we have a lot of dogs walking by here, small and large. We have a large Patio door facing the street. When ever she sees another dog walking by, she goes crazy and jumps up the glass. Runs around the house trying to get to that dog. At the park she is fine with most dogs. I just came back walking her and we met 3 older ladies picking up their mail. Everyone petted her and she was such a good girl. But trying to get to other dogs puzzels me.

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Laika is a 6 year old resque. We use a martingale collar on her. She pulls all the time, specially when she sees a squirrel. She will try to get to other dogs as fast as she can. Then it is a sniff or growl. We never know if it will turn in to a fight. In the small dog park we go too, she loves to run with all the dogs. Most are small. Another thing she will try to follow any car and we have to be aware of it all the time. She loves people and likes to sit on our lap. We have tried all kinds of collars. The Easy Leader, the one that goes over the nose, works better, but she hates it. Still pulls to get to a dog.

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We have had Laika now for over 4 month. She has chewed holes in blankets, towells, a new blankie I made her, my husbands pants, her leash on the way to the vet( 5 min ) and even a nice quilt. All this happens when we are not looking. Furniture and shoes don't interest her, I am glad for that. We got her a kong which we stuff with peanut butter and she gets to chew on bully sticks for a while. She will chew on the rope and eat the strings. At the dog park she chewed a piece of tennis ball which came out the next day. Any idea how to stop all this? What happens to all the stuff she eat? This is our second basenji. Laika is a rescue and 6 years old. She is really good otherwise and will sit on our lap. When we stroke her belly she just purrs like a cat.

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Where do you live in WA? We are in Lacey. Whould love to get together with a basenji owner.

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We have a lot of trees and squirrels are everywhere. Laika goes crazy, when she sees one. Started her on the Easy Leader halter. She does not like it a lot, but her walks are much easier. She does not pull anymore, except when she sees a squirrel. Even the halter will not stop her. Have tried different halters and harnesses, but the Easy Leader seems to do the job best.
What are most of you using on your basenji's? My husband prefers the flexie, but I think, she is taking him for a walk really. He believes she needs the freedom. She gets three walks a day and will only poop in the dog park here.
I will add some photo's

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We had to put our Suni down in April and understand what you go through right now.

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Some of the photo's were taken at our private dog park. Laika loves to play and run with Daisy, the standard poodle. She out runs Daisy.

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Laika has been with us now for six weeks. She has adjusted really well. Gets lots of loving care and 3-4 walks a day. We have a leash-free dog park here and she is getting along well with the other dogs now. She is friendly with everyone and does not jump up on visitors. We have started her on the Easy Leader leash, which she tolerates. When she sees another dog, she still wants to pull, touch noses and that is it. Our Suni would try to attack any dog she saw. It is a pleasure to walk with Laika. We just love her. The poor thing had to have 8 teeth pulled a few days ago, when she had her teeth cleaned. She did just great and will be back eating her kibbles soon.
We were going to visit grandkids in October and decided to check out a kennel. As soon a she saw the kennel, she climped up on my husband and wanted back in the car. Like she was saying, don't leave me here. We don't know to much about her hystory. It is too early to leave her after just adjusting to us. My husband and my stepdaughter will fly to Kansas and I will be here with Laika. Which is working out just fine with all. I will post some pictures soon. Marli

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She chewed on the hanging bath towel which my husband uses. Also on his shirt that was hanging over a chair. We are wondering why, he spends so much time with her. Will get the kong toy tomorrow.

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