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🙂 That sounds much like our place just not nearly as spacious. Well, they appear to have been calmer but they're probably just messing with my mind.

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Really? The females are more snuggly? I was thinking the males were far the more loving dog. Well, when my puppies get older than I guess we'll have to decide if we want a new girl or boy. I think that I would definitely have to stop at three Basenji's for quite a while though for my hands will be quite full.

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We normally put the cat inside our room when the pups are in. A baby gate doesn't work downstairs cuz the pups jump up on the couch and through the stair rails. I've gotten so used to all their energy; I forgot that they will probably calm down a little when they get older or am I just being hopeful?

We had to take the cat to the vet a few times when Pepper was younger because the neighbors dog would tear him up. I know this is part of the reason he's so wary of them, think he'll ever get over the trama of all that. Silly cat only got hurt repeatedly 'cuz he would go and try and chase the neighbors chickens, where the dog was.

Thank you everyone for all the helpful advice. I know so much more about my puppies than I did before.

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I'll ask her. She's out of town for two weeks so it could be awhile before I find out. 😞

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Hello! I really like how your pictures show the different stages of your pups growth. Especially your red.

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I got my boys when they were 4 months old, they're from the same litter, and I have really had no serious trouble with them. They are about 8 months old, and their personalities really keep each other occupied. The reason we got to is cuz we didn't want them to be lonely. It didn't cross my mind that two would be more of a handful than one.

When I get home and greet one the other sits patiently looking up at me waiting his turn for love. Ok, this shows just how pathetically smitten I am over my pups, I try to always make sure that I greet a different boy every time so the other boy doesn't feel like I have a favorite. Wow, what an insight on myself.

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Very well put. 🙂 I'm almost scared to get a female 'cuz i love my laid back boys

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Any suggestions to make my cat, Pepper, relax with the boys around. He's an all black fur ball and the pups think that his tail is a toy when I pick him up. He's about 11 years old and growls like a motor boat huddled in a corner when the pups are in, and he spits. I've never seen a cat hissing so much that he begins spitting before. The pups jump away from him at every crescendo in his hiss, but the silly cat just won't relax. They both rushed him at about 4 months and 2 got barely clawed and now respect that big ferocious puffball cat of 6 pounds, but the puffball is freaked by them.

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I guess it could be that. They know that they can get away with more. The problem is they can be tearing up one of my blankets and my husband sits their watching them cuz they are so Adorable. Yet, when they get to something that he really cares about then its a whole 'nother story.

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My boys hardly ever chew things when I'm home, but if I come home after my husband has been home alone with them I invariable find something chewed. They really do take advantage of him 🙂 I suppose its cuz they realize that treats are a possibility when they're good with me, and he generally doesn't remember to.

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