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Sounds like you and Shango got caught in the middle of some serious mother/daughter "issues". Sadly one or both of them is probably like this all of the time to each other over anything one of them likes.

Personally I love basenjis because they are NOT like other dogs. A slobbering, yapping dog with a dirty matted coat just disgusts me. I really appreciate the cleanliness and spirited personality of the glorious B! They're the only dog for me.

Oh, and by the way - royalty is, by definition, never pretentious.

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The last couple of months Samantha is getting a bit choosy about the routes we go on for a walk. When she disapproves with the way that I'm heading, she'll just stop and lay down - sometimes in the middle of the road! If I turn and go a different way, she'll follow. Other times she'll continue on with a little nudging. But if she's really got her mind set on not going the way that I intended, she will absolutely not give in!

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what do you do about it?

I thought today maybe I'd have to start bringing treats with me to get her to go where I want her to when she gets stubborn - but is that just rewarding her for stopping?

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Dallas was like that until I bought him a little bed of his own, which I set on top of my bed. It's one of those small roundish beds. Now he almost always sleeps in that! I just say "Dallas get in your bed" & he will climb right into it & be asleep within minutes.

It's been nice having the whole bed to myself again!!!

Nina that was brilliant!

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The trick that I've found works best is to let them in under the comforter, but on top of the sheet - then when you need to move them over, you just hold the sheet and slide over and they slide with you. They don't even growl like if you tried to do the same thing by pushing them over with your hands.

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It looks like you've already got a lot of great advice! I can confirm that Basenjis will kill prey. A deer got into my dad's orchard years ago, and my first B, Bell, killed it by chasing it down and jumping up and grabbing onto its throat - repeated three times until she did mortal damage. It's in their genes, and there's plenty of ancient Egyptian art showing just that.

We have a farmer nearby that raises sheep, and feels no remorse in shooting any dog that get's in to chase his sheep around - it's happened several times already. I don't imagine that the farmers in your area are much different - their livestock is their livelihood, so they get a tad defensive!

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Nice ride!

When I was a teenager, my first B would pull me around on my skateboard. She loved to run, and I didn't mind being pulled around either!

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After looking at the existing hound page on the AKC's website, (, it's easy to see which other breeds the Basenji belongs with. The build of a Basenji is very similar to the Ibizan Hound and the Pharoah Hound - which will probably both end up on the sight hound group. I just can't see them in the scent hound group with the Basset Hound or Beagle!

In the hound description, the AKC says: "Most hounds share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting. Some use acute scenting powers to follow a trail. Others demonstrate a phenomenal gift of stamina as they relentlessly run down quarry." I can definitely see the Basenji fitting into the first and last of this criteria. Hopefully after getting all of the feedback that they have, they'll keep B's right where they belong - in the sighthound group!

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You might want to introduce them one at a time too. Our B Samantha gets a bit edgy when there are two dogs approaching at the same time - kind of feels like she's getting ganged up on and gets defensive.

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The AKC is thinking about re-aligning the hound group and splitting sight and scent hounds. In their letter to the BCOA they state:

"We do not believe that the Basenji can be strictly classified as a sighthound or a scenthound, and question whether it belongs in a hound group at all. If the Hound Group is divided should the breed be included as either one of these or should it be included in the new Companion Group?"

If you're a voting member of the BCOA, make sure to take the survey here:

They bring up an interesting point, though. The Basenji is really both a sight and a scent hound. So if a Basenji were presented with equally significant sight and scent stimulii in opposite directions, which would they go for? Which do you think is their strongest drive?

In any case they are definitely a hound! My guess is that they would go after the sight stimulus. I wonder if we could work out an experiment that would prove the point for good!

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Great pictures, Jason! Roo is such a handsome pup. How does he like sailing? Does he enjoy laying up on the bow or does he slide around when tacking?

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