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turbo lag is a courteous head-start

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nice pics, she looks comfy

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^^ wow…member since july 2006 and this is her first post!

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oh, and the love and relationship with this special dog just never EVER gets old, many years later i still love and maybe love her even more and more with every passing day. (am i weird? i don't care!!!)

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we rescued shadow from a local animal shelter, she was found aloof at first then adopted by and older couple because they thought "barkelss dog" ment it was just lay around and do nothing, but she was still a puppy and need to run and play and be loved, so they returned her…man the crap load of hoops we had to go through to adopt her was a joke, but from the second i layed eyes on her, i KNEW i had to get her out of jail! i just felt an instant bond with her and had to get her out no matter what it took...she is soooooo worth it!!! i am sooo madly in love with this girl.

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Welcome, would love to see pictures…..


Please tell us where you got your b from…some of us are related by dog!

see here…

and here..

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She is definitely a cutie… What's her name? Does she yodel?

Shadow, very little, but she does bark a fair amount


Wow - very pretty girl. And big! What does she weigh? I have a basenji with collie in her, and she's a big girl too at 32.6 pounds.

around 65Lbs…must be the shepard part of her...but she's 100% perfect to me, the ONLY thing i would change about her is for her to live ALOOOT longer.

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"cheesing" for the camera…lol god, i soooo love this dog!

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time for more pics…just uploaded a few more to photobucket

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Welcome - glad to have you here with us, and so glad you are devoted to your special girl! I saw you were able to post one pic in another post. More?

thanks for the welcome, and you have no idea how devoted to her i am, and how much affection i love giving her and how much she loves getting it and giving it in return…it's a beautiful thing! 😃

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i protect my dog and myself with a firearm at all times….if a dog attacked me like that, i'd be in fear for my life and do what i have to do.

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