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Magnum, almost 10 years old, neutered at 3 years old, shows no sign of recognizing breeding season (and never has, even before neutering). Maybe there are/have been no in-heat females in the vicinity? He is awfully laid-back for a B…I'll consider myself lucky!

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If I have a treat, I can get his entire repertoire (which, granted, ain't much, but that's on me, not him) if I wait a few seconds before treating:

Up (on bed, couch, whatever's handy)
Off (the bed, couch, whatever he's up on)
Shake (left paw)
High Five (left paw)
Shake (right paw)
High Five (lright paw)
Lay down

Sometimes he'll mix it up a bit and give me a lay down before the shake and the high five. Gotta keep things interesting, ya know!

Repeat 'til treat is given. I can just hear him thinking…"She's gotta want ONE of these things...might as well just do 'em all and as fast as I can 'cause she might have CHEEZES! And I love me some CHEEZES!"

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Being described as "crazy" hurts my feelings a bit (Why? Hmmm…let me think on it). Just "Basenji Lady" will do, but I'm afraid it's too late!

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Indy: Whatchoo you doin' wif dat coal, Santa? I bin nice!
Jigsaw: Get offa my foot.

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Does anybody else make their beds around their Bs? Please tell me I'm not the only one…

'Course he exited the bed at the click of the camera: "I shant be bothered at naptime. You know that, human."

(Shhh…Magnum doesn't know he's chubby, says he's "big-boned." He refuses to admit that he's only been "big-boned" for the last couple of years (he turned 9 in November). We don't speak of it's a secret now, and we're working on it.)

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We've had invisible fencing (the REAL Invisible Fence brand which included rigorous, mandatory professional training) for three dogs (rottie, dobie, basenji) in a rural area. Worked a charm for each one, and is still working for my B-Boy. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat if your circumstances were right. We reinstated it for Magnum when he was close to two years' old (we got him when he was a little over one, and he's almost 8 now). With two acres "fenced," once he learned the boundaries, he rarely tests them now, and steps back (or circles round, if he's running) to a safe area when he hears a warning chirp. He's chased many animals and turns back when he hears the chirp. Basenjis may be prey driven, but they don't like to be startled and shocked either. I believe his first thought is, "Go back to where I was" when he hears a chirp from the collar, prey be danged.

Two acres of freedom versus a walk on a leash or circling a 1/4 acre fenced-in yard? Since he's always supervised and in a rural area, I think it's worth the risk. Just my opinion, of course.

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Love the last pic! She looks like a happy, happy girl!

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woodchuck, quit chucking my wood….. lol

LOL! I love that commercial!

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Awhile back, my son was making a movie for a mythology course, and Magnum was one of the "stars." At one point, he needed Magnum to act crazy (Magnum was playing a lion), so I sprayed some deoderant on the floor…worked like a charm! He threw himself down and rubbed and grunted and groaned like a looney (Magnum, not my son...LOL!). He even got some accolades from the students critiquing the movie (mostly, "Awww, he's soooooooooo cute!").

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How long has Kwame been with you? Has Malaika's startle behavior lessened, worsened, or stayed the same since then? If Malaika's startle behavior is lessening, my thoughts: You brought a new member into the pack, Malaika is on high alert, trying to determine whether Kwame is somedog that should be accepted into her pack. Her reactions to others is due to her hyper-alertness. She's starting to accept Kwame and the behavior will become less and less, and, hopefully, disappear completely.

If that's not the case, I'm sorry, I'm at a loss as to what's going on.

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