Jack's Dog Park Fun Video and Pics!!

  • I have been taking Jack to the dog park as much as i can before this baby finally arrives, I thought id share a good run and a couple cute pictures…maybe ill add more later, Id love to see YOUR Dog Parks Pictures too!!!!:D lol...ENJOY!!!

    Here is the video, he's just running and having a BLAST!!


    Here is Jack Looking at me checking to make sure im still there!! lol (his scruff makes him look fat, hahaa:D )

    I like this picture, he looks peaceful!!!:o

  • Don't they just love to run?

  • The poor other dog just can't keep up. They still amaze me every-time I see them move. They are amazing athletes

    you would think they don't have a chance with a Large dog, but your wrong. They over whelm them, circling, jumping, ducking & dodging till they can grab them by the neck for the take down.

    We met a poor Burmese Mountain Dog once, they sniffed each other (mines a male / hers a female) then my dog gets the crazy notion to play and literally jumps on the back of the mountain dog and starts wrangling it's neck & fur, while play growling.

    The poor Mountain dog freaked out and just kind of threw him off her back then rolled over in submission. He sniffed her then completely ignored her.

    The owner just gave a look like "what's wrong with your dog"?

    Jack is great dog.

  • this makes me sad. We had to cut back to almost never with Dash. He is to nasty and I am worried he is going to pick on the wrong dog. We may try to small dog section since he doesn't seem to mind the little dogs. That has worked we before. But I miss how much fun he was having.

  • I have a little problem with Jack at the dog park, I'm always a bit worried…esp. since Ive been pregnant, he REFUSES to let non neutered male dogs within 50ft. of me!!!! He will even play with them on the other side of the park but as soon as the dog gets close to me, Jack gets pretty vicious!!! And one of these times, its going to be a dog who wont tolerate it...so I'm always on my toes at the park. its flattering that hes so protective of me, esp. being pregnant, but its still not ok...So i totally understand not being able to just completely trust Jack...(i personally don't think non neutered dog should be allowed in the dog park, its one of the rules, but people don't pay attention to it...) So sometimes we get there and have to turn around and leave...BUT when all the dogs are getting along great, its SUCH a pleasure to watch them all play (and try to keep up with Jack, lol)

  • Kira, what are you doing on the computer???? You should be out running laps or something to encourage Aiden to come out and play!!

  • hahaa. yea i know, i walk everyday, but tomarrow i get the Prostaglandin gel, so im PRAYING it works…if not, i have to be fully induced Monday!

  • they threatened my wife they were going to induce on Monday, so the whole weekend she ran around like mad getting everything ready and then she went into labor!

  • Hope that happens to me then!!! lol

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