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MISSING SINCE APRIL 1 – Please repost to any folks or groups who might be able to spread the word about Sam. She was featured in this news story.

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Once I'm there (the first week of October), it would be wonderful to have regular "play dates" for B folks in the Peninsula. 🙂

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Any B owners in or around Santa Cruz? Ziggy and I will be moving there soon. 🙂


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This thread leads into my question about kidney function in older dogs. Ziggy is 14 and has been on a raw diet for over a year. I include scant bits of veggies in the food but essentially, he eats just protein.

He's showing signs of a weak bladder–needs to go out to pee more frequently, often pees during the night. His intake of water and food have not changed, and he's in very good health. Would you say that this is probably normal for an older, male dog or something that I should have checked out?

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Thanks, eeeefarm and agilebasenji. I do want a reality check ("am I overreacting to the situation?"), and your comments help. I know the young woman is so attached to the dog that she would never rehome it – exactly what I had to do many years ago with my first Basenji. I was never home, and I couldn't stand the thought of her living out her days as a hostage.

I'm checking with the ALDF for suggestions, and I'm thinking of creating a website where people can report cases like this.

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I need info on neglect problems. Does anyone know if there are groups or organizations (other than the Human Society) that can help in some way if a dog is being neglected?

I live next door to an owner who keeps her dog penned up indoors for 12-14 hours a day, and it's really upsetting me. I have talked with her and while she was cordial to my offer to visit her dog, she only said "I'll think about it." What can I do?

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My Spencer started shivering about 14 or so. It didn't seem to be related to anything specific, so we thought it might be caused by arthritic pain. We started him on a light daily dose of pain meds, and the shivering stopped.

This may have nothing to do with your Ziggy, but if he's having arthritic issues (Spencer's x-rays showed arthritis), it might be causing him some discomfort. Love the old guys!

I'll check into that. Thanks for the tip!

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I'm glad to see this thread as I was about to post about Ziggy's shivering. It doesn't seem to be related to cold, excitement, needing to pee/go out, or going on walks or riding in the car. There's nothing that I can tie it to, and if he's not asleep or eating, he's shivering. He's also 14 years old, so I'm wondering if this might be common in older Basenjis. Any ideas?

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Hi dmey, did you eventually get a copy with the photos intact? If not, let me know and I'll send you one.


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Kathryn, sending warm hugs to you.
Safe journey, Timmy.

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