• Poor Ziggy! I'm out of the house for five minutes, and he starts whimpering and then yodeling. He must really miss me! 🙂


  • Poor Ziggy…I'm sure Ruby is just that bad or worse.

    BTW, Ruby was sleeping by the fire just now and I played your video and, well, now she is running all over the house looking for Ziggy ;).

  • I can't wait to play this for family members; I keep trying to describe the noises that I hear when approach the house after running errands. It is certainly a hard noise to describe! Cory was sitting in my lap when I played the video and she was very concerned for poor Ziggy!!


  • Taj – Ziggy's almost 5 year old son -- came out from his nice warm burrow under the covers when he heard his dad's voice. My BRAT foster was impressed, too. Ellie stayed under the covers and muttered to herself. 🙂 Marco looked up briefly, but didn't see anything to be excited about, the sweet old geezer.

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  • the best is at 1:15 when Ziggy looks back and is like "Do something will ya" lol…what a cute pup!

  • LMAO very cute, Tiggy came running and was trying to stand on my laptop and figure out where all the sounds were coming from and tilting his head side to side

  • Yes- poor but it mean he loves U!!! 😃 He has superb sound:D He is all superb! I like his tint:D

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