Who Says Basenji's Don't Like to Play Fetch?

  • Mine loves to fetch but only about 5 times, and then boredom sets in.

  • Ive only got 1 out of 3 who will do it, Saba… But just like almost everyone else, only about 5 times, then 'thats all folks !!!" 🙂

  • Dolce's brothers chase then quickly get distracted and ignore the item I have tossed. :rolleyes:

  • Of mine, Brando would play fetch until he dropped. Ruby will fetch only to take the ball away from Brando, but she will do it for quite a while until Brando loses interest because she keeps grabbing it. Liyah will fetch but only until Ozzy stops chasing her. Ozzy will chase after the ball, but hasn't quite figured out that he should pick it up and bring it back to me.

  • Only one or two of mine will play and then only for two or three times and then completely ignore the fetch article! I've tried no end of times but mine won't even chase anything that's not alive!

    My attempts at persuading them to take part in lure chasing has been a dismal failure! They take one look and say 'Are you mad? That's not alive, not worth chasing' !!

  • Here is a video of Dolce's cousin L'Ox fetching his mom's tennis ball.


    His mom does not fetch her tennis ball, she bats it around like a cat.

  • Zest will play fetch. I don't play until she gets tired, so i'm not sure how long she'd do that. we usually play fetch with a fuzzy toy, but sometimes we use a ball. she likes the glow-in-the-dark ball for the chuck it. (I use the chuck it with Pearl-petual motion the malinois) Zest likes to run out just past where the toy landed, turn on a dime (or in mid air) and POUNCE on the toy in order to bring it back.

  • Ivy and Bella will play fetch for a decent amount of time, but like others have said, it has to be their idea, and when they are done, they are done. Ivy even CATCHES!!! But not food, it might be poisened

  • When Trog gets tired he takes the tennis ball and plays throw it in the air and catch it by himself.

  • Yes, Bungwa will toss any of his toys into the air and catch them but definitely will not catch anything I throw. He has no competition because the others just look and say 'Boooring'!!!

    Interesting about your best hunters being fetchers, Quercus. I wonder if there's a reason in it or whether it's a coincidence!?

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