I would like you to meet "The 'Marvel'-ous Prince T'Challah" a/k/a Prince

@daureen - Thanks.

Prince is from Breeder Lee Russell in Charlotte, NC.
Sire: Nocturnals Pete Rogers
Dam: Russell's Issey Bell

I got my little Iris from Lee Russell as well. How old is Prince?

So what is Iris's registered name and who are her parents ? Then she too can be added to the database - perhaps with a picture ? I'd like her date of birth too. We are always interested in the pedigrees of our Basenjis - you never know what exciting dogs might be behind them !

"Human", Prince was born in Dec, 2019. What a coincidence. Did you post a picture? I will go look for one. Take care and enjoy your little girl

Iris was born in December too!!! Everytime I try to post a pic of Iris it says the file is to big 😞

I wonder if they are from the same litter -- Prince's Dam is Issey Bell and Sire is Pete Rogers.

@daureen - if Russell's Issey Bell is the Dam, I would suggest that you have a DNA test for Fanconi done as the pedigree shows that Issey Bell is a Carrier of Fanconi from two clear parents. This can't happen... two clears would never have a Carrier? Seems that the sire is clear, but still, I would do a DNA test on any pup to make sure of Fanconi on any pups from this breeding
Here is the listing from OFA for Fanconi testing results, go to this link, https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2094411

Russell's Issey Bell
Black Tan & White
HP526700/04 (USA)

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@iris-shuman said in I would like you to meet "The 'Marvel'-ous Prince T'Challah" a/k/a Prince:

Iris was born in December too

Not much of a surprise when you think about it ! Basenjis in the Northern Hemisphere come in to season through September/October/November and whelp their litters November/December/January. A great many litters' arrivals cause the turkey to be put back in the oven on Christmas Day while the puppies are delivered !

Decrease the size of the photo and you will be able to show Iris to all of us.

And do as Tanza suggests to Daureen - get her Fanconi tested.

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