Can't See me!

I am pretty sure that Sonny thinks that if he can't see me I can't see him….
Actually the little smarty knows what a camera is and doesn't like being "flashed" lol

Butu immediately destroys his pose if he sees me with a camera (anyone else, and it's "ready for my close up now…")


Can't really blame them! The flash is annoying!

Finley refuses to stay cute the instant she sees the camera flash or no flash.

Mine just keep on sleeping…

Perry will close his eyes in anticipation if he thinks I am about to use the flash. Yes, they get annoyed and often break their pose. I keep a camera handy for "those moments", and sometimes I get lucky and capture them! 🙂

Not to brag (ok, maybe a little)….when we went to get professional photos done B wouldn't stop looking directly into the camera. They tried to get some natural photos but, nope, he'd immediately look back into it as soon as they were about to take it. The whole time he did that.

They said they had never had that problem with dogs before and were pretty impressed by him.

The problem I have is taking a photo where I can actually see his eyes and not the eye film.

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