Can't upload pics

I am trying to upload a pic of Noel. Can someone give me instructions.

During your post there is a little icon that looks like a yellow square with a moutain and a sun. Click that and enter the URL of the pic.

If your pic hasn't been uploaded to a photo-hosting website do so at, or

That simple 😃

Okay, I will try it again.

Here is my Noel. It's hard to get photo's of her. Everytime I bring the camera out, she usually runs off.


She's adorable. I can see why you're so smitten!

Wow! she's very cute!

Certifiably cute. Thanks for sharing.

she is so nice , she looks like very active girl, does she have a big sister dog?

OMG.. that first pic…. Sooo cute! Love the floppy ears!!
Keep those pics coming!

Thanks…She is a doll. She is extremely active and keeps me hoping because she does not have siblings.... I had her at the park yesterday and we ran and ran. She was so tired last night I couldn't get her out of the crate to go outside. Finally...I wore her out.

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