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I have a three year old red basenji who I need to find a new home for. Due to unforseen circumstances, I am not able to give her the time she needs. I want her to go to someone who loves and understands basenji's. She is very active and very smart. She needs to be with a single person or a couple who can dedicate the proper time to her. I live in Illinois. If you know of anyone looking please contact me so I can get in touch with that person.


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Hi rachel,

I am looking to find a home for my basenji. Her name is Noel and she is 3 years old. She is a very good girl, lots of energy and very sweet. She knows basic commands. She just needs more time than I can give her. My recently had to take on my 6 month old granddaughter so Noel ends up spending tons of time in her crate. If you are interested you can contact me at my e-mail address I live in springfield IL.

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I am from Springfield IL which is about three hours west of u.

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Thanks for the suggestion. i never thought of using fish oil. I wonder if I could give her a tablet by mouth? I will also keep brushing her and using those baby wipes.

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i wish we could attend. Unfortunatley I will be working this upcoming weekend. Please keep us informed on future events. I live quite a bit a way (springfield, IL) but it would be a fun trip. THanks…..

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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have problems with their b having dry skin? Everytime I rub Noel's back it turns white fromall the flakes of dry skin. Any suggestions?

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It was bedtime a couple nights ago and I had just put Noel in her crate. I turn off all the lights and sat down in the family room and turn on the Television. All of a sudden I hear a noise that sounds like an instrment playing from noel's room. I look at my husband and say…Was that Noel. It was the most beautiful noise. Unfortunatley I have not heard it again.

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We recently rescued a chihuahua. We have Noel who is a 16 month old Basenji. This chihuahua (named Bean) is so scared of Noel. bean will growl and try to attack Noel constantly. noel is so good with Bean. She will come close while bean is growling and as bean tries to bit, noel will move her face away and then back and away….I think noel is trying to show bean that she does not want to hurt him. I've got to try to work with bean and agression but Noel is awesome with him.

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Is she AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. Have you checked her pedigree on Sally Wallis's site -

I have never seen a Basenji bitch that large and I agree with lvoss, she is certainly not overweight.. As lvoss said I have seen males that are large and 30lbs. My OJ was in good show weight 29lbs

Strange….I put the name of Noels mother and nothing came up....There was zero matches.

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Is attacking your arm and lets normal behavior? I have tons of chew toys but she will just attack me at any time.

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