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momma to a 3yr old R/W Basenji boy rescue and 2yr old male black cat.

❤️ RIP Congo 1/2/2001 ~ 4/17/2015 ❤️

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Hi SallyO! What part of NJ are you in? How long did you need a sitter for? Let me know. My cell is 6094892823

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sounds like allergies to me. if it turns green it could be a sign of something worse. is it in one or both eyes?

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heck no, congo would probably just cry and run in circles. however, i don't ever worry because he looks like he could probably do some damage. now if they almost stepped on congo, he would scream and scare them lol

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oh my. she is adorable and so thin. 😞 i wish i lived in france

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I would take her in a heartbeat if I had room.. unfortunately I'm pushing my limits with my father already, as I've saved a few cats while living with him again. She sounds like a wonderful dog. I have no doubt that the bites were provoked. Dogs, especially Basenjis, can be very sensitive. If you don't understand that you're dealing with an animal that has feelings too, you're in trouble. I will keep her in my prayers. May she find the best fur-ever home!

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isn't it just wonderful?! 🙂

taken by my good friend Michael Bagley! ( )


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Hey, I follow you on Instagram!
Small internet Basenji world.

too funny!! it really is a small world. my friend who has a shiba showed me your blog and i was like, omg i already know them!! 🙂

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mostly featuring my beloved senior b, congo!! 🙂

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went to the vet today. he said i caught it early. he didnt hear anything in his lungs, but his glands were enlarged. he gave him a cough supressant and antibiotics. after putting a humidifier in my room, its really helped his nighttime coughing fits. so he has another apt in a couple weeks. just going to give him lots of rest and his meds. he will be good as new. doc said he's in great shape for his age. could use a teeth cleaning tho! haha

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I work at a doggy daycare/boarding place. I brought Congo in a week and a half ago, and he's now getting very sick. There is some sort of "virus" going around at work, however it's not kennel cough. They supposeably did the test and it came back negative. We run a very clean facility and this has really taken us all by surprise. Whatever it is, it's very contagious. Anyway, the next available apt is on Tuesday night so I'm going to take him to the vet then. I feel so horrible. I hate seeing him in pain. Has anyone ever experienced any upper respiritory infections/kennel cough before? He started sneezing/coughing the other night, now he's gagging and hacking. Anytime there's pressure on his throat, he has a massive coughing fit. He just seems not like himself. Ugh!! Any advice before I can get him to the vet?? Anything to make him more comfortable? I put a humidifief in my room so hopefully that will help. 😞

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