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What works, depends a lot on the individuals involved, both human and canine. You just have to figure out what works for you. I found that body language that is congruent with energy works best for me. No touching needed, and very few words.

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She is! Our Lela (7) still climbs on the table to take in the view and the sunshine.

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That's the spirit! If you cannot get enough of this kind of images, and you are on facebook, check this page out: Almost 9.000 members from all over the world. More than your daily dose of B-cuteness.

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Oh, how they help us...

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I have good experiences with flower remedies. RR might help, but also specific 'alone training' like Debra suggests. Also, if available, have an experienced practitioner test her for a specific remedie - that might work deeper.

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We are lucky to live in an area (Netherlands) where we can buy good quality raw (deep frozen) food, with good balance between muscle, bone and organs. Also lots of varieties are available. Why would a raw diet be odd? What would basenjis eat in the wild? Meat, eggs and plants. So we feed meat, eggs (one a week) and vegetables (raw/cooked broccoli, carrot, beet, cauliflower, beans and the like). No rice, no peanut butter. Pumpkin only in case of stomach / digestive trouble. No kibble.

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I found that when I have little time, I let our two sisters sniff around all they like. It engages their whole being, including their easily overexcited B-brains. When I thake them back in after half an hour they will sleep all day. Running is fine, but it does nothing for their brain or their instinctive need to explore their surroundings. If pressed for time, I would choose sniffing over jogging or biking any time.

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I sleep with two sister-B's under the covers. Everybody happy.

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We have this one for our two sisters: They have never escaped, you can attach the leash on the back or in front, and it is ridiculously cheap.

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@DebraDownSouth Well, I'm sure your dogs love it!

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