• So I got this nifty Certified Wildlife Habitat sign for my yard. You have to meet certain criteria to qualify and I have been looking into this for years. This year was as good as any!

    Hunter decided it was a GREAT idea because he LOVES wildlife!!!!!:):) There was a pesky squirrel on the back fence that goes behind my vegetable garden. Which I have fenced off so the bs don't decide to go in and dig in all that lovely, soft soil.

    I thought it was soooo funny that he sat right by the new sign to make sure that pesky squirrel didn't do anything stupid, like fall off into the yard. GASP!!!:eek: (It's happened before and it's not pretty…)

    Good boy!!!!

  • Hunter is so cute "reading" your sign. His markings are excellent!

  • Is he wondering how he can contribute?!!

  • I wish he would kill the mole that is DESTROYING my yard!!!!

    Bs….what are you going to do with them?????

  • LOL that picture is priceless!

    Don't talk about wildlife though. In the last 2 weeks Cara has brought me a opossum and field mouse. They now have their eye on a damned woodchuck who thinks life is good under my storage unit. (The small one is on edge of hill so back raised.. we are debating trap or what to get rid of him). She also has gone nuts because we have chipmunks living in it after the repair guy didn't put the doors back on right. I couldn't fix all spring cause I worried about babies but have to get out there and do something soon.

  • Wow a possum?? Go B's!! I wish mine would just catch a mouse or two. They may in the summer when I am not at home…..but that means that they probably eat them....eeeeewww

  • You should submit that to the shelter challenge picture contest!

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