• Dan

  • Too cute! How much snow did you get?

  • They look like they need a blanket. It's cold in my house. We're supposed to get 4 inches or more tonight. (Saturday)

  • @ChaseandZahrasmom:

    Too cute! How much snow did you get?

    We were supposed to get 6-10 inches, but right now we only have about 3. They're saying another 4-5 tonight with freezing rain. Perfect couch weather:)

  • My girls (Basenji and a Lab-mix) spent 2 and a half hours outside with me in snow packed 25 degree weather. It's like Jenny B thinks she's a lab the way she frolics in the snow. She does wear a wool sweater and spends lots of time licking her cold paws when we come inside, but as long as I'm outside, she wants to be out too.

  • We have almost 8 inches of snow right now. It's blowing, drifting and more snow is falling. Both Duke & Daisy dashed right out into the snow this morning - frolicking all the way in circles. They act like it's the best day ever. They were out for at least 10 minutes - when they stood still and started lifting their paws up and down, one by one. Since - then they've been out 3-4 times, dashing all the way for just a few minutes each time.

    We have winter blizzard storm warnings all day. Glad it is Sunday. I think I'll put my Christmas tree up and get it decorated.

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