This was Taz's first adventure in the snow with Levi

  • Taz and Levi are hooked together to keep Taz from wandering or running off. This was the last day I hooked them together. I now let him run by himself but this was before I felt comfortable letting him run by himself. They are running down the trail ahead of us and then they stop and wait for us, then run ahead again. The part where I am messing with the dogs and the camera is bouncing around is because my Golden Retriever got a ball of ice and dirt froze to his paw. I wish I had shoes for him but we don't have days like this very often here in south eastern Virginia. This was the first time he has worn a coat as well and did quite well with it.

  • I don't see any picture?
    I want to see them! 😃

  • Yes, please add the pics!!!!!

  • it won't let me add the video

  • @SissyT213:

    it won't let me add the video

    Can you put up a link?

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