Bailey's first litter

Did you test the parents for Fanconi? Are you placing the pups with limited registration and a spay/neuter contract?

Edit: I apologize for my knee jerk response. They are precious and thank you for sharing.
I checked into past posts right away and found that you hadn't commented since being encourage to Fanconi test, etc. I was just curious as to whether any of the comments from a couple months ago took effect.

awww. cute puppppies 🙂 love the little Santa fits

Ahhh super cute pups! Thanks for posting these pics. I also love the santa costumes.

Very cute pups and there are so many!!!

I'm interested too in your health and breeding things 🙂

Aah.. cute pups!
We all hope that the parents are health tested, so these cute babies are making a great start with their new lifes!


Where are you located? It looks like there may be some brindle in there, and I'm looking for a brindle! 🙂

Congrats on your litter!

Please make sure your pups are health tested and not placed without being fixed.
Unless your dogs are from show stock, it can be a hard road for a basenji who is intact and placed with no breeding restrictions.

Soooo cute! I just want to hold them close and play with their teeny weeny paws!!!!

Great pictures! Good luck with them!!

I just love the last picture… It is soooo sweet! I sure do hope Momma is lovin' on some Fanconi-free pups.

Aren't they all GORGEOUS !!!!;)

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