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Yesterday I noticed my basenji restless. She kept putting her butt up in the air and plopping it down on the sofa. She would occasionally yelp and she is now cautious of getting up and down from the sofa. When she tried to shake off she does it very slow and for only a second. She had a very hard time getting up in my bed last night and I had to grab her backside and scooch her up. She is eating just fine and is going to the bathroom just fine. She's kinda mopey and doesn't run when she hears the cat next door like she has 2 days ago. Thoughts?

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Thank you for the advice. I'm going this morning to pick up Fromms. How much should I feed them? I have a a 7yr old male that is 18lbs and an 8 yr old female that weighs 20lbs. Normally they are fed 1/2 cup of dry kibble along with 2 tsp of wet food, twice a day.

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I have seen on the news and Facebook about Beneful dry kibble make dogs sick and even dying from it. Both my basenjis eat Beneful dry kibble along with Beneful dinner entrees. I am immediately stopping this food. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should feed them?

I'm attaching the link to the news story

Thank you!

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My family is relocating cross country from Philadelphia, PA to Oceanside, CA. I need to know your advice or experience with the best way to get my Basenjis to the west coast from the east coast. I will be flying but I've heard nightmares about pets in cargo bins and getting lost and even death. Oh gosh it gives me serious anxiety thinking about it.
A little bit about my basenjis, I have 2 dogs both age 4. One is male, the other is female. The female we got from BRAT 3 years ago. They have never been on a trip like this before so I'm certain they will be scared. They will have to be put in separate crates for safety reasons.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated

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How do I get my two basenjis from phildelphia to california? Do we take the same flight with us? Are they in a separte part of the plane? Do I give them a sedative? The flight is 8+ hours and we switch planes half way through. What if they have to go pee or poop? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this?

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I have a female and a male. This would be our third basenji.

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When do you think Bongo will be ready for adoption? We already adopted 1 from Brat and would love the opportunity to take in another especially if he is related to our first boy 🙂

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Shi & Mick Late Summer 2009

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I can't bare to read anymore. I know we are not suppose to support these pet stores but isn't there anything we can do about this Basenji? Poor lil guy:(

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Welcome from Philly! Keep posting pics! We love it here.

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