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Crazy but loving lol. We’re wintering in Arizona and a firefighter we met on a hike yesterday on a mountain top was the first person to say, “hey, is that a Basenji! She loves everyone and adventure. (Teki’s had plenty in her short 2 years because we travel a lot!) She’s a wild child but super loving and affectionate. We’re getting a new puppy when we get home in 3 weeks so the adventure continues lol!

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We unfortunately dealt with this with our last 2 Jack Russells. Jack was 14 when he passed in 2012. He was literally climbing the walls and had sundowners. Stubber Pup, the love of my life passed 9//3/2019 at 17+ years. He couldn’t see or hear anymore. He didn’t even react to his name most of the time and he couldn’t get off the couch by himself. He’d just stand up there, look at me and just pee. He didn’t even know he was doing it. He’d whimper constantly and bark for no reason. Anxiety was intense. I couldn’t leave him in a room by himself. I really feel for you because it’s tough and heartbreaking going through it for the puppers and you. You just have to hang tough for them and go through it. The vet put both of them on anti anxiety meds which helped a little. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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She’s beyond adorable! We can’t wait to get our little guy next month! He’ll be 12 weeks. I would have liked to get him at 10 but we’re wintering in Arizona. Have fun no matter what with your cutie pie!

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He’s so adorable! How old is he?

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@zande we’d love to see a picture of Kito!

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I got a new one coming in April just born 6 days ago. Going to be a long 3 months but we’re so excited!

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Adorable! Merry Christmas!

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Beautiful young lady!

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Can I send a different picture of Teki for the pedigree website? She’s so much more photogenic this year!

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