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She looks a lot like our JRT Stubby who passed this last September. She’s beautiful!

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Doesn’t it seem like there’s an unbelievable amount of spam lately? Is there a way to filter it out?

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Yesterday Teki wouldn’t come back to the house. She was hanging out all day by our hay shed. I could see she pulled out a long pvc pipe that I previously used for my pole stakes. When hubby came home I had him go take a look. He brought the pipe up and there were FIVE chipmunks in there trying to hide from Teki! I’m thinking I’ll sign her up for barn hunt. She’d be awesome!

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Done, email sent! However the pedigree doesn’t give parents’ DOB, just the date the AKC certificates were issued

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@zande I’ll get right on it tomorrow, thanks!

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How do I add Teki’s pedigree to the database? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks everyone! I’m so happy to have found your forum!

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@donc and mischief. She’s definitely a stinker! She was spayed 2 weeks ago and getting her staples out tomorrow. Sure was hard keeping this one quiet!

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