Pippin's first show..

Congratulations to Pippin - he looked very handsome and looked very good for his first show - I'm sure you'll get over your nerves and then off you go!!!!

Congratulations to you both!! Pippin is truly handsome, I'm the same way with the nerves, but it gets better with time!!!


Thanks all. overall we had so much fun..I just wish we had some more in his age group show up..if nothing else for me and my comparison..lol. We will hit the shows again, later this fall as there aren't to many for a month or two around here…

Lisa, would love to meet up with y'all as well, are y'all coming down for some coursing later this year?

He's looking really good Petra 🙂 Congrats on his first wins!

We will be in Cat Springs and Waller for 3 weekend in Dec. Hoping the girls have had their season and are ready to run then too.


Awesome..Lisa, will def. see you in Waller..we live 15 minutes away..when is it, the 3rd weekend of December?

Thanks Janneke..:)

Yes, Waller will be the 17th and 18th at a nice little horse farm. Its a fully fenced small field, if you are intersted in letting Pippin have a practice run. Hopefully that will be our girls first ASFA trial, if they have their seasons in Oct like most do.


Very cool..will def. be there, might even go to Cat Springs..

He's grown up– so quickly! What a handsome boy, with such an expressive face. Looks like he'll do well. Congrats!


Sounds like it went well! And keep in mind, the handler can always request from the judge that they show the bite. I have never found a judge that refused that request.

I never request… I just put my hands on the mouth and lift the lips before the judge asks... no one has ever said a word to me about it.
Usually they just thank me for being so efficient! It is something that will settle him down if you are working with him on a table and checking his bite daily... then he knows you will do it and it won't bother him.
Also let others check his teeth and give him a treat... makes it all fun for them!

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