• We attended a 'fun' dog show that was raising money for a no-kill dog rescue and a charity that rehomes older dogs.
    It was a sunny, windy day, with a great attendance.
    I entered Butu for 3 classes - Best Pup, Best dog to have never won a rosette and Handsomest Dog, Butu tried out the scurry (retrieving a bumper - timed) and surprised me by fetching and bringing back (killing it first…) We also took part in a fun agility course
    …which convinced me that lure coursing is the sport for Butu - I'm not expected to chase the lure too! Going through the weave poles was more of a drag than Butu competing.

    The first class was very well attended, and Butu only lost out to a Boxer - his first ever rosette for second place 🙂
    Given that Butu now had a rosette, I checked that he was still allowed to enter "Best dog to have never won a rosette" and he was, but with the same vet judging, I was unsurprised not to be placed. For his last class, there were so many entries they were divided into two sections. I was over the moon when Butu made the last eight and finally received a second rosette for fourth Handsomest Dog. The Best of Show went to a Chihuahua (Prettiest Bitch). Butu thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other dogs, including a massive English Mastiff, who was heaviest in show (over 70kg!)

  • That's great you all had a great time and for a good cause at that!
    Nice pics! Love that last one - Butu's head is smaller than the mastiff's ear! :eek::p:D

  • Lovely pics of Buto and congratulations on his wins. I hope the show raised lots of money for the shelter.
    We too went to a fun show today and did rubbish. It rained realy hard all day. We entered Malaika in best behaved class in which she was expected to sit and lie down. She did manage a semi sit but there was no way she was going to lie down on cold wet grass .

  • looks like LOTS of fun!

  • What fun photos. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Congratulations to Butu.:D It's interesting to see the English countryside, too. Of course the photo with the Mastiff is great. Looks like it was fun and a bit nippy, too. (I'm in Florida, USA. No sweaters here in May!):)

  • Sounds like a lot of fun!:)

  • Houston

    Sounds like a great event..so happy Butu got a few wins too.

  • Lovely pictures. These Fun dog shows are exactly that. Such a happy atmosphere.

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