Watson's first agility experience…

So Watson and I attended our first beginners agility class and last night was graduation.

Here is a video of the culmination of our 6 weeks of effort. The lady running him was our instructor 🙂

Very nice!

What fun and what a good boy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

awwwww, what fun
now to train you to run him 😉

I did run him 🙂

I ran him all 6 weeks of class… Joan ran everyone's dog once last night for graduation 😃

Ha, a Basenji must be an agility trainers worst nightmare. A dog perfectly capable of doing every single obstacle (and would if you had the in the backyard) all on his own, IF HE FEELS LIKE IT.

How fun!! And what an adorable looking boy. How old is he?

Anubis and I started agility about a month ago, and we're both absolutely loving it. She's very fast and surprisingly focused!

Thank you 🙂

Watson is about to turn 3 in December…

I bet Anubis will be an agility star in no time 😃

He looks like he was having a lot of fun.

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