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How is the puppy. I saw one this week for the first time in all my years [hitting 50 soon!] of Basenjis. Vet attention.. but it requires lubrication and poking it back in throughout the day [as much as possible] to help it get that back to the normal position. It can be fixed and isn't a death sentence.
Let us know how he is doing!!

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What TANZA said... find a good breeder for a mentor.... they will share their wide range of experiences and lend their expertise in the area of breeding, exhibiting... if you take the time and learn from someone that have had a vested interest in the breed and it's future, you can gain enough knowledge in order to have the background knowledge to have enough knowledge to possibly breed a litter after a number of years learning about the breed and the ins/outs of showing, performance events, breeding, etc.

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@tanza <-- is completely correct! My mom got her first Basenji in 1965 and started showing and had her first litter in 1969 when I was just a year old. The Basenjis today are not the same. I have scras from Basenjis in my childhood, and we had pretty darned good-tempered Basenjis. But,t hey are nothing like today. Breeders began culling dogs with questionable temperaments.. even if their health was good. What does it matter if they are healthy if they can't be touched/handled extensively?!
Culling those dogs from breeding programs left only the best tempered dogs moving forward... which was of the utmost importance for the future of the breed.

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Any breeder NOT testing ALL breeding stock for Hip Dysplasia is NOT a reputable or repsonsible breeder.. PERIOD.

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Since this is a bit old and there hasn't been a reply I wanted to touch base with you.
How about some pictures of Kona's hocks.. that would be helpful to see.
Hope she is doing better and her weight loss is gradually coming down.

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Hi Wanda,
We will be expecting a half-Avongara litter in the spring… will expecting reds and tris. You can check out our Khani's Basenjis FB page.. or our own website.


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There are some lines with lots of dental issues.. I know of some related dogs of these lines that have had many many teeth removed.
In all the years I have had Basenjis, I have never once had a dental done on a dog.. I just make sure they eat their raw bones and scrape their teeth when necessary…. but if you are unlucky and have a dog with a genetic predisposition for teeth issues.. you have a lovely seat at the vet office with your name on it.
Best of luck with your kid.

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Nacho has been in his new home for several weeks and is loved by a Basenji-experienced family, an older black basenji girl and a black boston girl!

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So happy to say that Gemma is loving her new people today!

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Your name: Kathy
Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
Your phone numbers/email: 503-839-0208, bennyburnerbono @
Basenji(s) For Sale: "Gemma"
Age of Basenji(s): 2.5 years old
Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 19
Parents health tests: OFA Fanconi, Hips, Patella, Eyes, PRA
Dog's health tests: OFA Fanconi Carrier, Eyes CERFd Normal
Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC
Price: Negotiable
Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: Gemma is available NOW
Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes

Gemma is a lovely girl… and would have been a great show prospect.... until some major roughhousing with the boys caused a large hematome on her ear tip which has left her with a tipped ear. She was starting her show training when this incident occured... so Gemma is now available to a companion home. She is leash, crate, and house-trained. For more information on Gemma, feel free to contact Kathy at the above phone or email.

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