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I'll be active with Sanji in all weather (except rain because I don't like biking in rain either!) Hoping someone knows where one can find quality clothing for a Basenji. I'm looking for clothing that covers most of the neck and back and stomach as possible. Paws are already set; I'll be training him to get accustomed to dog-sled booties.

Specifically, I hope to find or have made:

  • a light windbreaker for windy days
  • a sweater for cool days
  • a down or equivalent coat for cold winter days, which being in MI means I'll be out biking (Sanji running) in 20-25 deg. weather, but not lower than that.

([snippet removed] I just want to focus on clothing here, thanks).

Anyone with any recommendations based on experience with quality clothing will be much appreciated! ^_^

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Thanks! I'm in MI, and we have a couple of butchers nearly. But are they greasy?

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I know that frustration! Training with high value treats helps. Sanji loves salmon.

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Thanks. I learned about the hazard, but we keep a close watch and had no issues for 9 years with our last dog. If I could find a real bone that wasn't a greasy mess...

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I found the transcript from the documentary. If the age part is true, the rest is not (unless there's difference between our European bred Basenjis and those in Africa):

NARRATOR: Sharing the same curly-tailed trait [as the Akita] is the venerable African Basenji.

DEBBYE TURNER: Basenji is the granddad of ancient dogs. However, they’re not that trainable. They will not do obedience tricks like other breeds.

Come back here.

And here’s an example!

NARRATOR: There is something else very wolf-like about a Basenji…


NARRATOR: …its yodel.

These breeds reveal much about how dogs may have appeared and acted after they first transitioned from pack hunters to scavengers and provide clues as to why they may have first appealed to humans.

DEBBYE TURNER: You won’t see Basenjis doing tricks, but because of their closeness to their wolf ancestors, they are considered very adept hunters.

Here's the video link. Basenjis mentioned 25 min. into it.

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Sanji has one like pictured above, but can't get at the treat. Tongue not developed enough to get it out? But as you see from this video, he likes getting out the treats from this toy. Hours? No. A few minutes. Since he's only 4 months, loves chewing on rawhide "bones" more than anything else.

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Sanji's swim this week: when recall works 100% every time. Ha!

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I have Zulu's brother, Sanji, who is 13.4 lbs. Indicates they grow at different rates for sure. However, the breeder we got them from recommended free and open feeding all day. We never intended and never have done that. Three times a day till full grown, then two. This might be a factor.

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