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We also have a 5 month old. She goes bonkers around the same time every night for about an hour. We call it the Basenji 500 and The Witching Hour. I recall our previous basenji doing the same thing her entire life. Of course, it slowed with age and later became more of a dance than the crazy antics of a puppy.

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Gosh. I have puppy basenji envy (PBE). He's so adorable!!!

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Love the name and the collar! That's pretty sweet!!

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I suppose we really have to go "all out" with ALL of our loved ones. Does every city, county, etc. check for chips or tattoos? What I mean to say is that we do everything to protect our human children and family members from harm by getting to know our neighbors, letting our friends into our very personal lives, and asking officials to keep our loved ones in their sight. I know it sounds very silly to some, but to keep all of the people mentioned (family, neighbors, officers, friends) aware of who you are and who your "dogs" are may be very beneficial - especially by letting them know through small conversation that your pup is tagged in a special way.

I live in a very small town outside of St Louis. I have always made sure that my children are street smart. Being a part of this forum, I have been made very aware that I need to be pet smart too. After reading the posts here, I will be sure to let my surrounding neighbors and the chief of police know our dog's descriptions (they know our children already) and that our dogs are chipped. (I'm still consider tattoo-ing and will inform them of that as well).

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Okay, first off, yes…..I need to lay off the treats for Lil' Miss Mya. We both have the same resolution for '09. But look how sweet she is to Oliver! I also added a pic of Evie in her favorite nap spot.

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The only way to bath my two, is to take them into the shower. I use the sprayer with hose. My husband get in the shower and bathes them and I hold the other so he does not escape the bathroo. Then its his turn. While he getting his shower, i'm drying his sister, (with lots of help). It ends up with everyone soaked. lol…

Mya showers as well. She just can't stand the bath. But she'll tolerate the shower. :p

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If you need something so that she gets used to wearing a collar, fashion one out of elastic… that way if it gets caught on something... it will stretch and come off.... I do that with all my pups... make little collars out of elastic material... works great....

Well, the pup is finally used to her collar now. I'm going to get into the habit of just keeping the collar on her lead. However; for future reference, where do you get elastic - from a hobby store? Yes, I'm being serious….lol.

I used to keep Mya's collar on when she was wandering through the house so that I could hear her tags jingle and know where she was at all times. But now that she's trained we don't leave it on her anymore. Well, except when she's outside with us. She is chipped as well. Evie will be chipped too.

Also, what is tatoo-ing? Do all vets do this? Where does that tatoo go? Does it hurt? Sounds like a good idea.

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Soooo cute! I just want to hold them close and play with their teeny weeny paws!!!!

Great pictures! Good luck with them!!

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First of all, I am so sorry you and yours had to endure such a terrifying moment. Secondly, thank you for the warning.

I don't keep a collar on Mya unless she is outside - attended. I've been keeping Evie's collar on all day, all night (she's 13 wks. tomorrow). I just took Evie's collar off of her.

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Wow! Definately ment to be…. Are you going to visit her brother once in a while?

We'll definately be getting together for play dates. Mya will have to endure their terrier attitudes though. I'm sure she can handle her own!

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