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I have three and love them. They are very smart so make sure that you train them and work with them every day.

I agree with the others. You should visit with the dog first and spend a good 30 minutes or so with them to get a good idea of how you will be.

Good luck to you and be prepared to get stopped with every walk by someone asking you about your Basenji.

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Baxter is 10 and he has always had a sensitive stomach. He recently had a pinched nerve and our vet perscribed Tramadol (pain), Rimadyl (muscle relaxer), and Librax (for nausea). After a week he is better but now he has diarrhea so I have taken him off the Rimadyl because she said it might upset his stomach and to stop if it does.

He has also lost some muscle mass through this. Now I'm trying to get him on a food that will help him gain muscle mass back, help my senior with arthritis, but most importantly be safe for his sensitive stomach. (I believe that my vet said that she believes that he has some sort of protein deficiency.)

Any suggestions?

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She had them 12/18

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She is coming up on you weeks now.

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This is our first time mating and we are having problems.

Our male (Baxter, 6) was trying quite a bit in the begining but our female (Bailey, 2) yelped and snipped at him at every attempt. Baxter quit trying. Now she is letting him mount but as soon as he mounts and gets close she yelps. This scares him and he dismounts.

We don't want to have it completed artificially. How do we get her to relax? How do we get him to stay on once she yelps?

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I completely understand being a responsible breeder. I've had people approach me and they say that they would be interested when she has her first litter. I tell them everything negative aspect of the breed and tell them to do thier research and then get back with me.

I didn't know what I was getting into when I got Baxter and it was a long road and Bailey isn't much easier.

I plan on being a responsible breeder and intend on following up and checking on all apodtive parents.

Thank you for your concern and advise.


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I have a male (Baxter) and female (Bailey) Basenji.

Bailey has been in heat for over two weeks now :eek: and this is her first heat so we're waiting for the second before we try to mate them. When Bailey isn't in the crate she is wearing diapers. But, in the meantime Baxter is driving all of us crazy and won't leave her alone. The last couple of days has been the worst for him. He is walking around humping the air and chasing her around.

How much longer until this stops? Is there a point during her heat where she isn't fertile?

Thank you for your help and sugestions.


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