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Well, that explains a lot. Nice, nice camera! I am jealous! 🙂 What lens are you using?

I use Canon 70-200mm f/4 and Tamron 28.75mm f/2.8. 🙂

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Thank you, guys. I find it easier to take pictures of a tricolor dog than any other, actually. I have a black flat coated retriever, and let's say - he's completely black. Find it much harder, but I work my way around. I think it's important to overexpose the snow when you take pictures of dark dogs.

I use an old camera (think it's 7 or 8 years old now? Canon have an 18 month cyclus before they release new cameras). I'm using a Canon 30D, and always take my pictures on manual mode. Can't stand the automodes - they always tend to underexpose when it's snowy outisde, and can also make the snow blue.

Here Kamar is with his best buddy, you can see the red in the tricolor helps out alot. 😉

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Our snow is (finally for me!) melting away soon. But the basenji loooves the snow.

Here are a few pics. 🙂

Strikes a pose,

Retrieves a tug.


He loves to retrieve, especially tennis balls.

A bit cold on the paws,

Mmm, tennis balls (his brother the FCR was able to get 3 tennis balls in his mouth!)!

Just another one, because he's pwitty!

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I use an Y-harness (fleece padded). It's a cheap old one I used for my flat coated retriever as a puppy.

But if he's a true escape artist, maybe you should get a WebMaster harness from RuffWear?

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Oh, I never think about that. I'm the one getting cold, not the basenji. He curls up in blankets in the couch by himself, while I sit by the closest heater. :p

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I guess they ship to Norway - they don't appear to do to the UK 😞

Really? I thought they shipped them worldwide. You can probably e-mail them and ask. They are very helpful! 🙂

Edit; when I put a bootie in the cart, I see United Kingdom as an option under "Taxes & Shipping".

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He got the pink ones since his first winter and wore them about everyday. One boot has a few tiny holes, but the other socks are okay. My flat coated retriever also has them, because he get snow balls under his paws. Works perfectly! The lady who makes them make them for sleddogs, so they can stand "rough" conditions.

Kamar has the smallest size, I think it's XXXS. Keep in mind that these boots are a bit big (at least from other boots I've usually had, but now I don't order any other boots, dogbooties are great!), so measure your dogs paw before ordering. 🙂 I have some in XXS too, but they are a bit to big, so they get a bit "saggy". These are 330 Denier Cordura. 🙂

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Thank you! 🙂 His boots are from 🙂

He wears them because he have to! And he understand that by wearing them, his paws won't be stuck on the ground because of the icy snow. :p

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OMG I want a tri soooooo bad. He is beautiful and he looks pretty good, yeah if you got your hand under his face to pull his nose down with some bait he'd get a nice arch in his neck.

Yes, I noticed that! Here he is with his arched neck! Hehe.

Here he is about 12 months. 🙂

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