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Little hunters, aren't they? Rosey has caught several small birds, but unfortunately I was unable to save any of them by the time I could catch her.

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Querk is a mighty handsome fella! He looks great for his age. Is that a touch of gray I see around his muzzle?

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Nala sure is a pretty girl. So is your daughter Natalie!

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Welcome! I'm new here, too, but I'm on the West Coast!

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Rosey will be 9 in January. Someone on a canine Cushing's forum posted about knowing or having basenjis that lived for 17 and 18 years. I could only be so lucky if Rosey could live close to that long, especially with Cushings. My past non-basenji dogs each made it to 12.

Who has/had the oldest basenji here?

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Steepen is my 15 year old cat, recently diagnosed with FIV (feline AIDS):(
I have had him for 10 years, prior to that he lived in an animal hospital for a year where I had previously worked until the AHT finally wore me down to take him home. He is a great cat, quite dog-like, actually. Unfortunately, he has lost half his weight as his health declines.

Trevor is a 3-4 year old Boston terrier that we adopted from the local pound one year ago. He is a great dog, my son loves him. He likes to rough house with my son and play tug-o'-war. (Rosey doesn't really play). He is friendly to all and is submissive-polar opposite from Rosey.

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I'm new, so forgive me if this thread has come up recently. I love to hear what nicknames your dogs have.
Rosey's registered name is Kazor's Savannah Wildrose. I gave my then 4-yr old son the choice of calling her Savannah or Rosey. He chose Rosey, go figure.
Some of her nicknames include:
Pretty Girl
Baby Girl
Fat Pig ( yeah, not nice, I know-my son calls her this because Cushings has given her a potbelly and he likes to make fun of her.)

How 'bout your b's?

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We have a doggy door, so the dogs can access the fenced rear yard whenever they like. Sometimes they are running in and out 10 times a hour, but I don't mind!

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OMG! Too much!! I love her singing! And I esp love the pic with Lucy holding the spoon in her mouth! Looks like she luvs the camera.
My Rosey is the only basenji I know, I actually have never heard a b howl before, didn't even know they could. All Rosey vocalizes are whines and I guess a kind of yodel(?)-I call it a "yawn" cause that's what it looks like to me.

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Rosey wanted to help decorate for Christmas.:eek:
This was the toy before she started her de-stuffing rampage…


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