It's a gaggle!

The bigger collared pups are the MO x Phoebe babes. THe smaller ones are the Kona x Honey pups.

Orange and Blue collars and Green collar are fanconi clear in that litter. Still waiting on the results of the little ones!

That's a terrific shot!

VERY cute!!!

Raises hand

I'll take one!


Very cool shot.

Aw.. this is sooo cute…. It reminds me of a pic I got from Tillo's breeder..

How old are the pups now?

That's a great shot. Love it…so cute!!!!

I have a photo somewhere of 3 or 4 different litters (that were visiting each other) eating together from a couple years ago...very similar...taken from above.

very cute b's!

Very cute Kathy

Chubby little babies…bless their little hearts.

ooohhh Great photo!!!

do they all have a family?

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