It's awful

ow dear brother, come here… I've someting awful to tell you:(

You'll never know what I just heard.. :eek:

Mommy wants to take a picture from you bald little but… 😕

No mommy…. noooo pleaseeeee 😞

Oooo nooooo.. Why?????
"buana, I wanted to show everyone, you loose your hair in such a short time to grow some new hair…. And the result is a sweet bald but :D"

Buana, you have such a mean mean mommy!!!!

LOL!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D His ears are hairless as well!!

LOL! That is sooooo funny!!! :p:D:p

HAHAHAHA…Great photo series and captions!!

I think if he could type for himself he'd express more upset that his 'male bits' were exposed on an international forum, than his hairless butt!!!

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?? Where IS all that butt hair now:eek:?

Heheheh, good one!

Oh my goodness, I am laughing my "bald butt" off (LMBBO) at these pictures! You are soooo bad, but hilarious!!!:D:D

How cruel, wot no dignity, Fiji says she is glad you're not her mummy, I think its funny though!!

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