Here's Rue!

We rescued Rue yesterday and we are in love! She was found roaming the desert a few months ago. She is about two years old and just plain awesome!

She is obviously a mix, you can tell by her rounder face… but with what? Anybody know what else she could be? Her tail is long and straight (although the tip of it curls up a little bit). I know she is a basenji because she howls or yodels when we put her in her crate. (That being said, any advice about that??)

Isn't she pretty?!

She is pretty and lucky to be rescued, no idea what her mix is but looks to have the typical tri masking on her face. For crating you need to make the crate her favourite place with treats feeding her meals inside etc and best to exercise before any crate time, teach her she can come out when she is quiet and calm or she learns that making noise and a fuss gets her out. Sure others will give you more advice but this is what we have done and our boy is great with crating.

Jolanda and Kaiser

She is a pretty girl and I agreed 100% with Stash's advise since I do it with my Zsa Zsa and have no problems with the crate.

We have officially solved the crate issue with some TV noise. We video taped her while we were at work yesterday and she was fine the whole day! WOOHOO! As to what she is mixed with, I still have no clue! She has some basenji traits, while others are completely missing… like she has gotten off the leash a couple times (on accident) and she stays right with us, and she doesn't touch or chew on anything that isn't hers... I really want to know what else she is! I think we are going to do the DNA test!

She has Big Paws, so I am guessing a larger breed…I would go for the DNA - just for curiosity! It's not going to make you love her any differently...

oh she's very cute! i'm glad you posted the pics. very sad that she was out roaming the desert by herself, she must be so happy to finally have a forever family.

Isn't curiousity a terrible thing. When we rescued Mr. Baroo we were told that he was a B mix, his coat is very short and silky, no real wrinkles on his forehead. After 8 months of wondering we sent off the DNA sample and waited. A month later the report came back, pure Basenji back 5 generations, imagine our surprise. It only shows that finding the truth is always fun.

UGH I just posted a lengthy reply and of course hit the wrong button and deleted it.

WOW what a rare find for a rescue pup! Maybe he was from a litter of show dogs?

We left Rue out of her cage while we went to the store yesterday (only 40 minutes) and video taped her to see what she would do since she is so well behaved when we are home. Well I am disappointed (though not surprised) to say that she spent the whole time howling and shredding the contents of our garbage (we don't have a pantry so it's covered, but out in the open). We told her "bad dog" and put her in her cage, but she was totally oblivious that she had done anything wrong! She was just jumping up, smiling in our faces and hitting us with her ever-wagging tail– the usual. I don't know if she has ever been a family dog before, (it seems as though she has pretty good house manners apart from this) but she acts like she has never been scolded before. Or maybe its just that infamous, manipulative basenji charm. Hah!

Anyway, I think that we are going to do the DNA test, although now, every time I look at her I think that she has got to be mixed with a boxer. We will get one soon and post the results!

Keep in mind, unless you correct them "in the act" they really have no clue that they have done something wrong, or more to the point "what they did wrong"…. shredding is pretty natural to a Basenji

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