Finally, he's here!!! :)

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Yesterday we picked up our (almost) 10 week old Basenji named Kenji! He is a Meisterhaus puppy! 🙂 We couldn't be more proud! He is sweet, affectionate, and so, so intelligent. We had a long night as expected, but today he and I have spent the day together on the leash and learning his name. He's getting so comfortable! He has even gone potty outside twice! Otherwise he is using puppy pads in our restroom. We are so happy! 🙂

I knew it would all work out! 🙂 He's adorable and probably related to my brindle boy.
Your girls are adorable too! He looks happy to have big sisters.

Enjoy! He is a lucky guy to have landed with your family.

@CrazySenji He is absolutely adorable! He is the SWEETEST dog I have ever met! He just loves all of the attention from the girls! 🙂

OMG OMG OMG He is so adorable! (So are your kids!) I WANT TO HOLD HIM! What cute kids you have! Love him laying on them! WOHOOO so glad he is there!!

@OmegaTandy Such a beautiful pup!! He's got a whole family to love! Congrats! YAY & YAAHOOO!! Well worth the wait, I'm sure!!

@OmegaTandy Look at that beautiful & innocent face!! WAIT ~ did I say innocent?? NOT!! But he IS a puppy so enjoy every moment you have with him as a pup ~ it's for sure, he's going to enjoy all of you!! He is one handsome fella' !! Congrats to your family!!

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