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finally the result of the test arrived and she is positive. I'am sorry to have not posted since the last time. We have had some problems to find a veterinary who follow the Dr.Gonto's protocol and at the end we found him. He made the blood exams and now we have the list of the medicinals. He told us to feed Luna with puppets' meal but she doesn't like it and she stopped eating. We don't know how to give her the daily doses or how to make them eatable for her. Please, give us some advice.

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Lol, lovely pictures, hehe zombasenji's

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Thank You
In Tuscany slang "Pippolo" is a spot, the orange spot in the white

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Et voila', there was a little problem 🙂

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In the garden

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Hi Sharronhurlbut,
We bought Luna from a private owner and she has a legal pedigree in the Italian Instituction "Anagrafe Canina". She is our first dog and we have two cats Pippolo and Stella. She is a little bit lucky to live near the country and not in a center of a city. Me, my wife and aou sons love very much her and we are very upset for this problem for two reason, In Italy there are few Basenji and this desease is not well know.

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Thank You Kipawa & Tanza. Luna is four years old. We make the strip and we have seen that was positive for sugar in the urine, than we went to the Vet and he made the blood analisis and urine. We attempt the final response but for five times one was positive for the sugar and four not. In Italy there is'nt the test of Fanconi, and we asked for our Vet to sell one. We don't know if the familiy of Luna are interested in Fanconi disease, we will try to conctact the owners. Now we have print the protocol and we will show to our Vet.
Thank You.
Michele Penco

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Hi to all, sorry for my english (if I make mistakes please tell me). I'm Italian.
Me and my family have a Basenji named Luna (the old name of the moon), we are worried for her becouse she drink too much water and we hope that is'nt the Fancony syndrome. I hope to find more information about the threatment.

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