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We recently rescued "Ziggy" who was earmarked for the meat trade in Indonesia. He would have been someone's dinner! YIKES! He is the sweetest 8 month old puppy when we are home, but when we leave for work, he goes into full destruction mode. I should mention that he is Basenji / Border Collie so he's WICKED smart. He has tried to open doors with his teeth like the Raptors in Jurassic Park.

So we got him a crate...he gets out. He has destroyed remotes, reading glasses, a Native American mask, artwork, a couch, wooden antique bookends, etc. I resorted to zip-tying the kennel shut but he screams.He has food, water, treats, toys, other dogs but nothing seems to work. We even tried "Hemp" chews to mellow him out. HELP!!!!

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