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"You'll never forget but you'll always love ... a Basenji." Singin' Senjis, Nancy
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Hi everyone! Before I found & fell in love with Basenjis, I had a Yorkie, 4 lbs.! When she died, I was lost! Over the last 18 yrs., I've been owned by 2 Senjis & loved every moment of it! I got my 1st. girl, (retired showgirl) Darling Darla in 1998, when she was 4. She was red/white & also a summer baby, born July 26! On Oct. 2007, she passed due to cancer. It took me 2 or 3 days to call the breeder & tell her Darla was gone. I'd let her know when I found out Darla had cancer as I'd promised her I'd always keep her updated. She surprised me by offering me another Basenji that was about to turn 7 in a couple of months! Of course I said I'd be there in 2 days & I got a wonderful & loving brindle/white girl named Dorothy but I called her Dorie. I'm from KS., I couldn't call her Dorothy! I just lost Dorie Aug. 24, 2016, she was 16 & a half. I happened onto BRAT about a month ago. Then I found this Forum, joined & here I am!

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@synchro246 I also love to watch them trot into the house....they remind me of a thoroughbred horse! They are just the best entertainers ever!!

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@DebraDownSouth Thanks for the "click on the pic" trick! It works great & it's sure easier on your neck!!

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@synchro246 I love the way a Basenji sits! They kind of leave one leg cocked out to the outer side. Sometimes, they kind of roll their bottom so they're sitting on their tail & have both legs stretched out in front of them, sort of like a human sits!! Yes ~ lol ~ it's so funny the first time you see it, you'll let out a good belly laugh & your b will look at you like "What? Haven't you ever seen a b sit & relax before?" Some lay upside down with their head hanging off the sofa! They do love to surprise you with more antics than you'd think is capable of a "dog"... but, a Basenji isn't your run of the mill, average dog! They don't think they're dogs & a lot of them like to sit up in high places, like the back of the sofa!

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I see Basenji in him! That 2nd pic...even though it's sideways, look at how he's sitting ~ he's got the Basenji sit! And in the perfect place (as far as he's concerned). Jax ole' boy ~ you got lucky with your humans & of course, the humans got lucky with Jax! Like his name too! He looks like a whole lotta' love & cuteness!

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Ohhhh...... what a sweet cutie pie!! He's going to give you tons & loads of love... along with testing your patience from time to time but... that's what all kids do ~ whether they've got 2 legs or 4 .. right? And yes, pictures all along the growing up stages (even if it's one where he gets all the stuffing out of a couch pillow) Very lucky you are! Thanks for sharing :)

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Awwwww......... looking around like ... "WOW!! This is a whole new world for me to start checking out!" Sooo adorable ~ very lucky you are! Enjoy him & keep us posted!! :)

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@I think he's a handsome fella'!! He's also got that look like.... What?? Me?? Ohh noooo ~twas' one of the others who did it! At any rate ~ I think he's just a sweet cutie pie!! I really like the pic where he has his eye's closed, just as you snapped the camera!! lol His eye's are closed & his mouth open just a bit..... looks to me like, he's either getting ready to speak or has just spoken!! I think he looks like a lovable little ole' bear!! I'm glad you were driving at that spot when you all seen & heard him ~ then you saved his life letting him get in the car!! He may be on the ornery side but he's on the lovable side too! Hope he gives you all many years of pure happiness & loads of love!!

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@OmegaTandy Look at that beautiful & innocent face!! WAIT ~ did I say innocent?? NOT!! But he IS a puppy so enjoy every moment you have with him as a pup ~ it's for sure, he's going to enjoy all of you!! He is one handsome fella' !! Congrats to your family!!

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@OmegaTandy Such a beautiful pup!! He's got a whole family to love! Congrats! YAY & YAAHOOO!! Well worth the wait, I'm sure!!

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@Darlene Whooa girl...you need to put a saddle on that anger you're spewing out! You don't even know the woman you're talking too! And so quick to be angered at what someone wrote that's the truth? YOU joined this forum strictly for the attempt to sell those puppies! And stop using the story about the one you lost to Fanconi Syndrome & WHY didn't you contact the breeder as soon as you found out that you're dog had Fanconi?? Especially after paying such a price for it! That's one thing that all good, honest breeders are testing for BEFORE they breed any dogs! TESTING for it & not using any dog with Fanconi is the only way to eradicate Fanconi!! You say that you knew you'd run into someone like that when you came on here....so WHY DID YOU COME HERE?? Trying to sell your puppies! Why don't you spend a few bucks & put them in your local Newspaper for sale?? No one here wants your little puppies! And perhaps you should find out WHO you're ranting at before you rant! All that bull you spewed out ~ it only provided spittle on your screen! Take your own advice & JUST MOVE ALONG! Out of the forums here! Taa Taaa!