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@margiem Thank you for the nice comments! I love her cuddliness so I hope it continues! :)

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0_1486835007021_IMG_4090.JPG 0_1486834831147_IMG_4087.JPG 0_1486834729920_IMG_4086.JPG Hello everyone! I got my new baby last week and have learned lots of things about me and her this last couple of days! Lol. She has been a very nice addition to the family, she is sweet (when she is tired) playful, utterly cuddly (which is so sweet) and very attached! I just had a few questions about the breed that I can't really seem to find online. Will they always be so cuddly and attached or is this something they grow out of? Are they good with multiple people or do they attach more to one person? Also anything else interesting or you have experienced would be nice to know! I have read up on this breed a lot but sadly I only really come across negative things :(. Although our Lulu Grace is a handful she is such a sweetie when she wants to be! Thank you!

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That is just the stage that she is in right now! They explore everything with their mouth, like children, and it really won't be letting up until she is around 6months or so! I have been saying 'no bites' to my girl and take her away from that area and give her her favorite toy. If she is biting me I will put her down and tell her no and walk away. I will also spritz her with water when she is biting something really bad like my shoes :(! That seems to be working, but it will take time because she is so young! Just be patient with her and reward her lots when she is doing good. As for your other dog, she will let the puppy know when she doesn't like what she is doing!
Good Luck and I hope this helped some! It's an awesome time because they are so darn cute, but it is very frustrating also!

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Very cute! Mine is 9 weeks and nipping EVERYTHING! She is learning but I am definitely having to pray for patience! Good Luck!

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Lol trying to figure hout how to do that at the moment! I think my photos may be too large :(

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Thank you so much DebraDownSouth ! We had our first vet appointment this morning and got told she was 'Perfect' from the check up! :) oh and lots of puppy cuddles!

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Hello I am just wondering how much my 8 week old basenji puppy should weigh. I think she is a little small for her age but it could just be her genes. She has a nice size belly and isn't showing ribs but I cant find anything about weight on the internet and thought that maybe some of you could help! Thanks so much!