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@susanna Hey there Susanna! It is great that you are interested in a basenji! they are crazy but sweet family pets! I am sorry that it took me so long to get back with you as I am just now seeing this! Maybe we could arrange something some time if you were still open to the idea!

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@lpatinoatx I hope you find a loving home for your two babies. I would offer to take one but we just cant have two of them at this time :(!!

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There is a woman who breeds basenjis in Johnson City near Fredricksburg! You may have some luck contacting her.. I cant remember her name at the moment but you may be able to find her if you google johnson city tx basenjis. It would be a little drive for you but not too terrible and the drive is also beautiful so at least you would get a little adventure from it. 🙂

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YAY!! I'm so so glad you found her!!!

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--Also, I know my vet here will print out fliers for your lost dog for free and also post it on their webpage so that more people can see it! I would definitely go and try to talk to a local vet!

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If you have facebook/ social media, I would try and post there and continuously search the neighborhood you lost your baby in or around that area. Being such a young age its hard to tell where it may go but I feel like people may see it and grab it due to it being so cute and small, therefore I feel like you could have more luck on an online watch page for that area or by putting out fliers. Also try the local animal shelters/vets because sometimes people will take them there to see if they are chipped! So sorry, and I really hope you find your baby soon!! prayers sent your way!

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I am currently just using this version of blue buffalo only in the dry mix/kibble form.. I only read about the canned blue buffalo but now I'm kind nervous about the other.. 😅

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Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone near the Austin tx area or San Antonio/new braunfuls area owns a basenji or knows of any basenji groups that meet up periodically! Our baby is only 4months at the moment but it would be so much fun to take her to a basenji meeting when she gets older and have her play with some basenjis like her! Thanks for any info!!

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LOVE the nose freckles.. that's what I like to call them!! So adorable!

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Thank you! Things were a bit rough at first trying to adjust but now that she is able to get outside and we can get that energy out she has been such a joy and sweetie! 🙂 like yall said, "A tired puppy is a good puppy".

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