• We recently rescued "Ziggy" who was earmarked for the meat trade in Indonesia. He would have been someone's dinner! YIKES! He is the sweetest 8 month old puppy when we are home, but when we leave for work, he goes into full destruction mode. I should mention that he is Basenji / Border Collie so he's WICKED smart. He has tried to open doors with his teeth like the Raptors in Jurassic Park.

    So we got him a crate...he gets out. He has destroyed remotes, reading glasses, a Native American mask, artwork, a couch, wooden antique bookends, etc. I resorted to zip-tying the kennel shut but he screams.He has food, water, treats, toys, other dogs but nothing seems to work. We even tried "Hemp" chews to mellow him out. HELP!!!!

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  • He's adorable! Your problems are not that unusual, although generally the presence of other dogs is helpful. Sounds like separation anxiety. He needs to be in as "dog proof' a room or area as you can manage. What kind of a crate are you using? Does the screaming persist after you leave, or does he settle down? (a video camera set up to observe can be very useful). Does he urinate or defecate in the crate if locked in? Can you crate another dog right next to him for company that can't go away? Any dog proof area outside? He's young and presumably you haven't had him very long, so there's a good chance things may settle down.

  • Oh my gosh - he is so cute (I'm partial to B/W b's but never had one).
    He sounds like a hot mess. Is there any chance he can go to "daycare" while you are away?

    I once placed a rescue b with separation anxiety in a home where I was told someone would be home all day. It turned out to not be true. The poor dog urinated/pooped in the crate and pulled out her nails trying to get out of the crate. After many months, I finally got the people to return the dog. Eventually, the dog was placed in a home with a disabled child where someone was home 24/7 (they even took her on trips with them in their RV).

    Ziggy is a puppy and might eventually "grow out" of his destructive phase, but if he doesn't and you can't handle him, please consider finding him a home where someone is home 24/7 (not easy - but it is possible).

  • He is ADORABLE ! Looks very mischievous - especially the photo of him laying on his side! You need to keep him busy and TIRE him out - make sure you give him multiple daily walks so that he can investigate his surroundings and burn off some energy! You can tell from the photos that he is SMART! That's what makes him dangerous - smarter than a 5th grader - lol! Beautiful dog!

  • Oh yes, adorable and into everything. He's super cute. Every puppy we've had has grown out of this behavior by two. I know that's a long time, but at least there is hope. And you're 25% of the way there.

    As suggested, crates and doggie day care are the two best options. How does he get out of a crate? I've never heard of a dog being able to do that if the crate is latched correctly (we had a fabric crate and that's different than a plastic/metal one). After those two alternatives everything becomes more temporary and less reliable. So I'd figure out how to keep him in the crate. The screaming is a pain but if you're not home it shouldn't bother the neighbors.

  • I had a basenji bitch who would never tolerate being shut in a crate. She even got out of a padlocked crate by collapsing it around her and climbing out! Ziggy is obviously smart and my answer would be never to crate him but leave him in a safe room from which anything destructible is already removed.
    If he has doggy company even better and as Pawla suggested tire him out. Give him plenty of long interesting walks and leave him with toys etc. I hope that he isn't left alone for too long particularly while he is so young - he may improve when he is older or more accustomed to being left for shorter intervals.
    It would be ideal to have somebody you trust to look in on him and take him out for comfort walks.

  • Ziggy is an absolutely super looking wee boy and definitely worth working with. Lovely looking dog !

    Is the crate an open wire crate or the kind of Varikennel used for flights ? Cos I find the open wire ones are best if the dogs is not happy being crated - at least he can see all around. It should be big enough for him to stand up, turn and lie down at full stretch.

    Having said that, I wouldn't crate him at all. Tire him out, get a specially big bone and clear a room of everything damage-able. Give him the bone when you go out as well as leaving chews (and fresh water !) in 'his' room. Main thing is to reduce the length of time he is alone. Hopefully someone is around most of the time or you get someone calling in quite frequently, especially at first.

    He needs LOTS of reassurance, company and exercise.

    @pawla said in Here's Ziggy:

    Ziggy is a puppy and might eventually "grow out" of his destructive phase, but if he doesn't and you can't handle him, please consider finding him a home where someone is home 24/7 (not easy - but it is possible).

    Harsh - but if you are planning on leaving him alone all day, every (working) day, it might be kinder to do as Pawla suggests.

  • He is ADORABLE! And a typical Basenji puppy. Are you able to leave him a doggie day-care while you are at work or not home? Certainly would tired him out, get rid of that need to destroy and help to socialize. Please don't give up on him!!

  • Ziggy is beautiful and he looks like he got a LOT more Basenji than Border Collie! He is quite young yet and will require a lot of activity to wear him out ("A TIRED basenji is a GOOD basenji") and a lot of loving training to put him on the right road for a lifetime. Binti didn't like her crate at all, but we started putting treats secretly in the crate and when she found them, she figured the crate was a treat giving place. She started sleeping in her crate and just hanging out in it. It does sound like Ziggy has separation anxiety....we went out for very short periods when we first got Binti, always telling her we would be back...gradually we could lengthen the time we were away until she understood that we WOULD be back. Would it be possible to hire a "dogsitter" to come in for a few hours while you are at work to give your pup lunch, a nice walk and a little company?

  • @patty My Girl was a Houdini! I had her in a Steel Crate and it was closed properly. I was in my bed listening to my Dog pushing on the TOP of the Crate which she managed to slide off enough so she could hop out. Basenjis just do not like to be confined. She rode in the Crate when she was in the Car. When we reached 55mph she fell asleep.

    I had a Cat who taught her how to go up and down the Stairs and to get on the bed. He would pop open the door to my Closet and she would chew my shoes and Skirts and Jackets I wore for work! I had to throw out the mismatched Clothing and kept the half that was not chewed but the shoes were a total loss.

    One must learn to live DEFENSIVELY when one has a Basenji. Please do not give up on your lovely mix because you saved him from being eaten! Dog and Cat eating goes on all over the World and an organization called Alley Cat Allies has found that Cats and Dogs are being eaten in the United States! The Countries that eat Dogs and Cats are China, South Korea, Myanmar, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Switzerland eats their famed Mountain Rescue Dogs the Saint Bernard!

    Please be patient with your Dog. As has been said MANY times 'A tired Basenji is a good Basenji'. Border Collies are extremely active as well. He is really pretty! Good luck!

  • If you leave things in their reach (any puppy/young dog) will get into trouble.... pick things up.... put them away, they do not know the difference between their toys/chews and things like remotes/glasses/etc... they have your scent on them. You have to work on crate training if you can't secure a place for them.

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