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Talk about aging gracefully! She is beautiful! β™₯

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He's GORGEOUS! Those wrinkles are perfection! 😍

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He's a real cutie!!!

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She is GORGEOUS! And I must say, amazing to see a B off leash and not bolting! πŸ™‚

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Gorgeous boy! Definitely Basenji in him.

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Thanks for the puppy cuteness this morning! He's soooo sweet!!

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I just have to say that I am glad to find out that Basenji's are ones to not poo on command. πŸ™‚ Mine can hold it and hold it and HOLD IT which I always found strange. Now I know it's "normal". He also likes to be discreet about it. They certainly are quirky but I wouldn't have any other breed!

And just to comment on the rain - he's a not normal Basenji! That's when he walks the longest and farthest, I figure it somehow brings out the hunt instinct in him. I know any time it's pouring, I'm in for an hour walk. β˜” On a bright and sunny day, it's out the front door - survey the surroundings - back inside. Go figure!

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My first love was 11 when he passed but he had health issues. 😞 His hocks had fallen and he walked on "feet" - like a person. He also had a growth protruding from his rear that was most likely cancer; congestive heart failure too. UGH.
My current love turned eight in January and is healthy, has his smarts, chases squirrels, cats, deer, etc., and runs the B-500! I am thinking/praying he will live a very long life.
As far as muzzles - I used to have to put one on at the vet, but now he doesn't mind her poking and prodding. But being a typical Basenji, he growls at whatever displeases him - even if it's his mommy or daddy. That used to intimidate us with our first baby, this one we just say "REALLY?" and laugh.

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