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Yep! My Jessey drives me crazy with wanting to be out all summer, but mommy is a heat lover as well, so it works great. He has his own chair in the sun. 🙂 And in the winter - he has a heated pillow I put in his bed. He's toasty warm and very happy!

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In 2017 my six year old Basenji boy's liver numbers jumped to almost 900! Absolutely no explanation. A scan was done and the doctor said the liver looked "grainy" but still no explanation.

He was checked two months later - and every year since (he's 9.5 now) - and numbers have been completely normal. So strange! One thought was perhaps he had walked through grass that had been fertilized/treated somehow and it affected the liver until being processed out.

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@zande Hi. How cool! He is there - #53 - Marjani's Hunters Run. 🙂

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The page is out of date. I got my wonderful Jessey from Julie Hartigan - Marjani Basenji in 2011 - her page has not listed puppies since 2014 and the site itself is out of date. Thinking she gave up breeding?

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Talk about aging gracefully! She is beautiful! ♥

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He's GORGEOUS! Those wrinkles are perfection! 😍

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He's a real cutie!!!

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She is GORGEOUS! And I must say, amazing to see a B off leash and not bolting! 🙂

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