She's Home!!

Hi There,

Just a few pictures I managed to get tonight. The poor baby had a long drive home (slept the whole way), had the rather exciting ordeal of meeting the labs and pugs (she LOVES them) she's had 2 meals since she's been home and now is fast asleep 😃

Im SO SO pleased with her. She is just perfect.

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!! And: Enjoy! 😃

Very sweet….. congrats!!!!

she is such a cutie i miss the cute little puppy faces and puppy breath but not the training and everything else LOL she is adorable !!!!! Congrats !!! 🙂

She is so georgeous, hope you'll have a great time with her 🙂

Awww Geeze! Now I want one!! She is beautiful!!

Just adorable. Beautiful pup.


Thanks everyone. She's snuggled up asleep on my lap infront of the fire right now. Such a sweetie 😃

Hey Welcome Home!! Maya, we should get together with the babies!!! LOL!!

Yay!! Congrats! She is adorable!!!

Absolutely adorable!

What's her name?

what a cute little try-ing baby!

I think she is absolutely adorable, I am becoming very interested in the tri's the more I see them. The markings are just so beautiful!!!:D Have fun with your new baby girl!

She is darling, a perfect little basenji girl! Congratulations.

She is SO CUTE!!!!! Congrats on the new addition.

Thanks everyone!

Her name is Maya.

She was really good last night, slept from about midnight (only cried for half an hour, if that!!) til about half six this morning and then i let her have a couple of hours in bed with me and she just slept quietly, no problems at all!

She's a cuddly baby!

Welcome home little Maya.

May you play until you're sleepy,
Chew only on the toys provided to you,
Never pee on the bed,
And sleep peacefully through the night.

May all you're training be positive,
And your rewards plentiful.

May your new 'mom' have infinite patience,
And your 4-legged house-mates
Understand your breed specific quirks and behaviors.

She is soooo cute:D Can't wait to meet her:D

Yea those pics are beyond cute, enjoy your pup and take care of her.


She is soooo cute:D Can't wait to meet her:D

😃 You will definately be needing to give her cuddles when you do, she is a REALLY cuddly girl! 😃

And thanks for the replies everyone. She was perfect again last night, slept from 11 til 7 (i had to wake her up!!) so thats brilliant!! 🙂 And she is loving the snow we're having at the moment, its too cold really for her, but i let her go out for like, 2 minutes wrapped up in a pink wooly poncho (pug puppy coat lol) and she loved it!!!

will get some more pics to post asap.

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