He's more punk than me

look at my senji in his hoodie, and yes it says vicious!
haha i found it at target

now he bothers to look embarressed? is anyone else amused by this?

I think it's adorable

Wow, I want one. I might just have to find my way to Target this week and pick one up.

Ohh I would just love to have one of those, I just named one of my pups Punkrocker, calling name Sid after Sid Vicious in Sex Pistols…Do you know if Target have an internet webshop???

Just soooo cooool 🙂

LOL Thanks for the laugh! HE's a cutie!

LOL that is so cute…mine has the same one only its pink..haha cuz shes a girl It looks so cute on her...but yet I have like A MILLON for her...she is so spoiled...lol but thanks for the laugh...HES SO CUTE!!!! like Jen Wilson said...lol

awe, thanks guys. good for him that he is cute or i would never put up with those kind of antics from an uncute dog! jk…..maybe? hehehe

lol…idt a Basenji can be uncute...lol they are just to cute...MUCH TO CUTE...for their own good haha

i dont think* if u didnt know what idt is lol

we have obedience class tonight….you think people would be intimidated if her wears it?

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