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id like to know that too…and how much you are selling him for

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I wish mine would live to 20…I love her to pieces and i know she feels the same about me...she would give her life to save me...i know...she already tried...scared me half to death...a dog attacked me a big ol lab and she jumped in only being so small...and of course I had to jump in and save her...i ended up being bit on the hand and had a HUGE wound there....but i saved my lil she tried to save me...well I hope she doesnt try some stunts like that again cuz I would die if she wasnt with me...she means to the world to me...she is my baby dog....:) but ya 20 would be great for her if she lived that long....:D

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Hi. How much are you selling him for? Can you email me some pictures of him. I might be interested.

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lol very nice job…they are VERY pretty dogs...and I love ur quote...its is a goodone...I also like this one:
when you are born, you cry and the world is happy, when you die, the world cried and you're happy (because ur in heaven) Loves it like I loves my Bs lol take care

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lol that would be cool lol

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mine would deffenately be the red/white…but they are all ALL so cute...idk which one of the red/white ones Id pick! SOOO CUTE

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i dont think* if u didnt know what idt is lol

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lol…idt a Basenji can be they are just to cute...MUCH TO CUTE...for their own good haha

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AWWWWW…I was about to say...1 litter of 13...but ya that would be great to see a puppy pile down here in South Dakota

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LOL that is so cute…mine has the same one only its pink..haha cuz shes a girl It looks so cute on her...but yet I have like A MILLON for her...she is so but thanks for the laugh...HES SO CUTE!!!! like Jen Wilson

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