My Dogs - Sadly No Basenji`s As Yet

Alfie - 4 month old male 3-legged mini daschund x mini hack russell

Roxy - 12 year old rottweiler bitch, best doggy in the world & my best friend

Roxy & my 6 year old Phoebe

You little Doxie/Jack is too cute…. (and your roxy too)

Very cute photos.
Are you looking for a dog from a breeder or a rescue dog?

i am deffinatly planning a puppy later in the year 2009/2010 but may consider an older dog sooner, ie ex brood bitch or ex stud dog or just something that may need a home. Im not interested in breeding so i will deffinatly consider a rescue, doesnt seem to be many older ones needing homes in the uk, which i guess in a way is a good thing lol

If you want to know anything about basenjis before you adopt one, please feel free to ask anything at all. We have a tremendous amount of collective experience and knowledge here.

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