Our 3 Versatile Basenjis - yes basenjis can do it all.

Gambit recently earned her GRC and now is a versatile basenji like littermate Tempest, and uncle Xander. Hoping for nice puppies this yr from Tempest and a sire still TBD:)

Congrats… that is great!

Very nice dogs, can't wait to see the pups. I love it when they are full out in a run, they actually look like totally different dogs, if only people knew how wonderful Basenjis are I'm sure there would be a lot more around, do they really have a reputation for being difficult and hard to train or is it because they are still quite rare and people just don't know? I love having the one dog in the neighborhood that doesn't make a nuisance of itself barking.

Jolanda and Kaiser

It's all in how they are raised. Mine have all enjoyed their obedience lessons and walk great on a loose lead with my whippets. I dislike very much when I see basenjis getting snarky in public. They can be well behaved if trained correctly. A lot of owners just shrug and say that's a basenji and let their dogs continue in poor behaviors

Your dogs are beautiful!
I can't wait to see their future kids!

Truthfully, Oakleys 2 1/2 and I still can't figure out how to get him NOT to snark if he doesn't like a dogs exuberant approach or gets tired of playing with another dog…

Congratulations 🙂

What lovely dogs!

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